Tricoloured heron in love, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

8 April 2016

Stunning male Tricolored Heron in full breeding colors performs the courtship dance of repeated deep head dips and neck stretches at a proposed nesting site. He is gorgeous and he knows it!

During the breeding season, the bill is bright blue with a black tip. The lores are cobalt blue. The iris is scarlet red. Head plumes are white. Long feathers on the neck and mantle are violet mauve. Filamentous mantle plumes are buff; there is a rufous tinge to upper scapulars and back of neck. The legs are deep pink maroon.

The male stakes out its nesting territory by Alert Posture, Twig Shaking, Preening, Fluffed Neck and Crest Raising displays and begins building a nest platform (Rodgers 1977, 1978). It performs its courtship displays from the platform or nearby, especially using the Stretch display with all plumes erect, wings out and down, with and snap or twig grasp at the down part and the “Unh” call at the peak.

The Tricolored Heron display combines features of usual Snap and Stretch displays into a single sequence. This behavior displays the colored iris, lores, bill, and bill tip. Other behaviors are Twig Shaking, Circle Flight featuring exaggerated wing beats and extended neck, Preening with very rapid strokes, Bill Clappering near head and body making a rattling sound. It defends the nest with Upright and Forward displays, the Forward involving extreme erection of the neck feathers, back plumes, and Crest Raising. Once the pair is established, the Greeting Ceremony includes Crest Raising, the “Culh” call, and Bill Clappering. After pairing, the male gathers sticks and the female continues to make the nest.

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