Dutch anti-TTIP referendum after Ukraine-EU referendum

This video says about itself:

What is the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership?

2 July 2014

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership is a trade deal between the EU and the US – and is anything but harmless. The deal boosts corporate power and endangers people and the planet.

This video, made by international campaigning organisation Attac, sets out the problems with the deal in a really clear, informative way. More information is here and here.

Yesterday, nearly two-thirds of all Dutch voters rejected the European Union-Ukrainian government treaty in a referendum.

Now, there is a campaign for another referendum: to stop the TTIP and CETA treaties, which favour the interests of multinational corporations like Monsanto against the environment and 99% of people.

Dutch Friends of the Earth and other organisations are collecting signatures for the referendum.

Their Internet site is here.

This is a Dutch video about TTIP.

The main reason, according to exit poll research, why many voters stayed at home during the EU-Ukraine referendum was that they suspected that the government would not respect a No vote.

7 thoughts on “Dutch anti-TTIP referendum after Ukraine-EU referendum

  1. Friday 8th April 2016

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    Poroshenko shrugs off referendum rejection of deal with bloc

    KIEV dismissed on Wednesday night Dutch voters’ rejection of Ukraine’s relationship to the European Union.

    Sixty-one per cent of voters in a Dutch referendum said No to an EU association agreement with the Ukrainian government — seen by Kiev as a major step toward full membership.

    Prime Minister Mark Rutte said before the vote that he would be forced to veto the Ukrainian agreement after a strong No vote, but turnout was only 32.2 per cent, only just above the 30 per cent validity threshold.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, on a trip to Japan, insisted: “We will continue our movement towards the European Union.”

    Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, who has been key to negotiations with Brussels, claimed “nothing had changed” and that “European integration of Ukraine cannot be stopped.”

    But Opposition Bloc party MP Aleksander Vilkul called the result “a cold shower for the Ukrainian politicians who believe that loud shouting and wild hopping is more important than efficient work … [and] think that no one will notice excessive corruption.”

    Dutch Socialist MP Harry van Bommel warned that signing the agreement would only funnel EU money into the pockets of corrupt Ukrainian politicians and businessmen.

    “Corruption in Ukraine is systemic,” said. “It permeates the entire structure, from the lowest to the highest ranks.”

    Mr Van Bommel said the agreement would be particularly unwise as it contained provisions on security, foreign policy and defence.

    Following years of EU-provoked instability, Dutch reticence to welcome Kiev into the bloc is not unexpected.

    Nearly 10,000 people have been killed in the civil war that erupted following the 2014 coup against president Viktor Yanukovych and frequent breaches of the ceasefire continue.

    Many politicians, including Mr Poroshenko, have demanded Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s resignation and the president’s own Petro Poroshenko Bloc-Solidarity is now also on shaky ground.

    Oligarch Mr Poroshenko has been mired in scandal this week after the Panama Papers showed he transferred ownership of his Roshen confectionary empire to a shell company in the British Virgin Islands under the guise of putting it in trust following his election.

    Kiev’s claim to democracy appeared tattered yesterday as the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU), which Kiev banned after the coup, appeared in court yesterday to appeal against the decision.



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  3. Prior to around 1690s kings of England and indeed monarchs and rulers in many other countries around the world all subscribed to the practice of rule by devine right. They believed that they were subject to no earthly power save that of God himself.

    The current appointee rulers of the EU have gone one better as at least the feudal kings actually believed there was a higher power than themselves.

    Our current commission rulers believe they are that higher power. Once TTIP kicks in fully its back to a modernised version of a relatively recently forgotten feudal system where a new corporate aristocracy runs everything and we are simply expected to meekly accept all their rules edicts like gm food stuffs shoddy overpriced products and for profit services they deem it their privledge to bestow upon us.

    We will have neither a democratic or a legal representation to protect us when our environment is being polluted or the foods and crops damage our health. The health providers will belong to them by then also. They will frack and poison our water. They will grow Frankenstein genetically modified crops plants and animals They will produce polluting vehicles. We will be obliged to burn their expensive fossil fuels. They will run for profit educational facilities to turn out the technocrats and minimum drone workforces they deem needed to maintain the new order. They will own and rigidly control our financial and credit status to a degree unseen or unheard before today.
    The only hope to spike the guns of this frightening new order is to get out of it so we can regain democratic accountability. We will be a shining symbol to the peoples of the EU of what it is possible to achieve rather than allow this corporate power grab to fester and grow blighting their lives and ending freedoms our young men fought and died to defend. The UK will again be a beacon of light as the new dark age descends over the continent. Make it so

    It was a Dutchman coming to England in 1688 who gave us the will and the means to end devine right. He left us a constitutional monarchy a democratic parliament plus even a bank of England plus our glorious revolution which underpinned all this. We look again to our Dutch allies for another glorious revolution against this new serfdom.


    • Thanks for your extensive comment.

      A ‘Leave’ vote in the coming European Union referendum in Britain may well have the positive side effect of David Cameron resigning and maybe the Conservative government collapsing in intenal conflicts. However, a break with the European Union in itself is not yet a break with worldwide corporate capitalism.

      Eg, in the Netherlands the xenophobic PVV party of Geert Wilders now are against the European Union (they were not so originally). However, they support the TTIP treaty between the USA, Canada and the EU:



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  5. Thursday 26th May 2016

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

    Activists claim Canada-EU trade deal could sideline Parliament

    DAVID CAMERON stands accused today of trampling over democracy by pushing for the “fastest possible implementation” of a free trade deal between the EU and Canada.

    Britain is just one of seven countries wanting to rush through the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), alleged leaked documents from an EU trade meeting reveal today.

    The Prime Minister’s stance could see Parliament sidelined on the issue by not having time to object, campaigners say.

    Global Justice Now, which unearthed the documents, warned that big business could sue the government in so-called “corporate courts” before Parliament has time to scrutinise the agreement.

    The free trade deal is similar to the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and Britain.

    Previous leaked documents of a government-commissioned review into TTIP showed that it would have little economic or political benefit for Britain.

    Now minutes allegedly made during an EU foreign affairs meeting in Brussels on May 13 appear to show Britain forming the pact to rush through CETA with Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Portugal, Lithuania and Cyprus.

    Most countries in the EU are proposing for CETA to require national parliamentary approval before it passes into law.

    Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden said: “Toxic trade deals like CETA are inherently undemocratic.

    “But Cameron seems perfectly happy to go beyond what the EU requires — he seems to be interested in handing over sovereignty for the sake of it.

    “Again, Britain plays the role of making the EU less, rather than more, democratic.

    “Any discussion in Westminster will simply be a rubber stamp.

    “This leaves open the possibility of Britain being sued by Canadian big business in secret courts before Parliament has even had the ability to scrutinise the deal.”

    Campaigners argue that the deal, which has already been agreed but not yet ratified, would amount to an enormous corporate power grab, undermine laws to protect labour rights, consumer standards and the environment.

    CETA would also leave countries in the EU vulnerable to lawsuits from companies that are registered in Canada.

    A ministerial meeting in late June is to determine the implementation process of CETA.

    The government was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.



  6. Interview with Vasilj Volga, chairman of the Union of Leftist Forces, ex-MP, former head of the State Commission of Financial Services of Ukraine

    “We should immediately cancel the Ukraine-EU trade agreement and rebuild the economic ties with Russia and the entire region in order to serve our national interest. The popular uprising in the east has been directed also against this unjust agreement.”


    Vasilj Volga is scheduled to address the No Euro Forum which will take place in Chianciano Terme, Siena, Italy, from 16-18 September 2016:



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