Dutch referendum on Ukraine-EU deal, 64% voted against, exit poll

Ukrainian president Poroshenko in Panama Papers scandal

Today was the Dutch referendum on the European Union-Ukraine association deal.

Exit polls just after the polling stations closed say, according to Dutch NOS TV:

64% of voters voted against the treaty.

People still don’t know whether the minimum of 30% of the electorate has voted.

The 64% of votes against is an even bigger vote against than at the last referendum in the Netherlands, when in 2005 61,6 of the electorate voted against the plan for a European Union constitution.

The majority of voters has opposed this treaty, even though the Dutch political and economic establishment overwhelmingly supported a yes vote.

After the exit poll came two local authority real vote results. On Schiermonnikoog island, most people voted against.

In Roozendaal village, over 60% voted Yes. Roozendaal is much richer than the average in the Netherlands. It was in 2005 one of very few places where most people voted Yes in the European constitution referendum.

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