30 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton and Wall Street

  1. Hillary Clinton “made $2.3 million for three speeches to Goldman Sachs and individual speeches to Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, Apollo Management Holdings, UBS, Bank of America, and Golden Tree Asset Managers.

    The following year, she picked up $485,000 for a speech to Deutsche Bank and an address to Ameriprise. Last year, she made $150,000 from a lecture before the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.”

    What, I wonder, is incorrect in these points? Did Ms Clinton, in fact, not do any speeches? Or did she indeed do speeches, but not for these big banks, but instead for Greenpeace, or a trade union local branch or a charity for poor children, while not getting any money for these speeches, maybe just travel expenses back?

    If those speeches indeed bring in so much money, then people correctly ask that someone who runs for the Presidency of the USA should make their contents public.


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