Sea eagle on Dutch Rottumerplaat island

This 2013 Dutch video is about a one week stay on a sand bank in the Wadden Sea.

Dutch bird wardens Bart Ebbinge and Doortje Dalmeijer today published a blog post on their stay on Rottumerplaat island in the Wadden Sea.

On 26 March, a juvenile sea eagle visited Rottumerplaat. Then, it flew to Rottumeroog island.

Two marsh harrier couples were already looking for good places to nest, but had not laid eggs yet. There were already at least nine grey lag goose nests with eggs.

Rottumerplaat birds update, April 2016: here.

Rottumerplaat wildlife, May 2016: here. And here. And June-July 2016: here. August 2016: here.

2 thoughts on “Sea eagle on Dutch Rottumerplaat island

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