13 thoughts on “Donald Trump and women, a British view

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  4. SIGN ON NOW: End the Republican attacks on Planned Parenthood >>

    For days, Republicans have attempted to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s comments about abortion.

    But the Republicans have been chipping away at abortion rights with their attacks against Planned Parenthood. Enough is enough.

    Demand Republicans end their attacks on Planned Parenthood >>

    NAME: lola Falstad
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    We’re disgusted, lola.

    Last week, Donald Trump said that women deserve “punishment” for having an abortion. Republicans were quick to condemn his comments.

    But the truth is, Republicans have dedicated endless time and energy to defunding Planned Parenthood and ensuring that women can’t get access to the care they need.

    Republicans can claim to “disagree” with Donald Trump all they want, but if they don’t end their war against Planned Parenthood, it’s all just talk.

    If 25O,OOO grassroots Democrats act right now, we can send a strong message to Republicans that America will not stand for their continued attacks on a woman’s right to control her body.

    SIGN ON: Demand Republicans stop their attacks on a woman’s right to choose >>




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