British Conservatives get 0,8% of votes in Wales

This video from Wales says about itself:

Port Talbot steel workers confront Sajid Javid

1 April 2016

Workers at the country’s biggest steel plant demanded answers from the Business Secretary when they confronted him about the crisis gripping their industry.

Javid justifies skipping key Tata meeting for holiday in Australia: here.

SAJID JAVID faced calls to resign yesterday after admitting he jetted out to Australia despite knowing that Tata was set to plunge British steel into crisis during his junket Down Under. The Business Secretary revealed that he was told a “few weeks ago” that Tata Steel would review its British operation at its board meeting in Mumbai last week. But rather than joining a union-led delegation to lobby the company’s Indian owners, he went ahead with a taxpayer-funded tour of Australia, accompanied by his teenage daughter: here.

AS TORY Business Secretary Sajid Javid toyed around with more weak words and half-measures yesterday with Britain’s steel industry on the brink of collapse, the Morning Star unearthed a damning Business Department (BIS) staff survey which shows that even Mr Javid’s own civil servants don’t trust him: here.

By Luke James in Britain:

Tories get just seven votes in council election

Saturday 2nd April 2016

THE TORIES’ Welsh election campaign has been dealt a humiliating setback after the party polled just seven votes in council election.

Tory candidate Nigel Godfrey polled just 0.8 per cent of the 833 votes cast at the by-election in Caerphilly’s Moriah ward on Thursday.

The total is three fewer than the number of eligible voters Mr Godfrey required to nominate him to stand in the election.

And it is thought to be the lowest recorded by a council candidate since a Trade Union and Socialist Coalition candidate failed to secure a single vote in a Medway Council election last May.

David Harse convincingly held the seat for Labour with 464 votes — a 8.6 per cent swing to the party and more than 250 votes clear of the second-placed candidate.

A Conservative spokesman claimed that the party had “established an important bridgehead” by standing in a ward it has previously not contested.

But the Tories’ pitiful performance made them a laughing stock on social media and does not bode well for the party ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections on May 5.

It will also have caused embarrassment for Business Secretary Sajid Javid as he made a belated visit to Port Talbot steelworks yesterday.

A local Labour source told the Star: “This embarrassing showing from the Tories proves just how out of touch they are with working-class communities across Wales.

“While the Tories continue to seek to do Wales down, whether with outrageous rhetoric on health from the Prime Minister or their lacklustre approach to the steel crisis, they’ll never speak for working people in valleys communities like Moriah.”

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