Turkish government sending refugees to war in Syria

This video from the USA says about itself:

Turkey Abuses Refugees, Sends Them Back to War Zones

17 December 2015

Turkey has been accused by Amnesty International of sending hundreds of Syrian refugees to detention centers where they are abused and mistreated and deporting them back to war zones in Iraq and Syria…. We look at the alleged human rights violations on the Lip News with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Turkey illegally sends refugees back to Syria

Today, 21:19

Christel Voorn, national affairs editor

Turkey has, since mid-January, sent several thousand Syrian refugees illegally back to Syria. That says Amnesty International on the basis of new research in South Turkey.

PvdA leader Diederik Samsom calls this act in a reaction to Nieuwsuur TV show a reason to suspend the EU deal with Turkey. “This is contrary to everything we stand for.”

Diederik Samsom, of the social democrat PvdA, the junior partner in the coalition government often says progressive sounding things; which he then fails to practice, as a faithful ally of the right-wing VVD coalition partner.

Samsom might have expected this, when he helped to make the deal sending refugees back from Europe to Erdogan’s Turkey. Already before January 2016, the Turkish government used to send refugees back to war in Syria or Iraq.

Amnesty International has for three days recorded testimony by refugees in southern Turkey. The human rights organization says the findings confirm an open secret in the region. …

Samson: Turkey must stop

According to Labour leader Samsom this illegal refoulement may scupper the refugee deal between the European Union and Turkey. “The European Commission should agree immediately with the Turkish authorities that this should stop, otherwise the agreement between the EU and Turkey is just not on.”

In a desperate attempt to close the borders to asylum seekers EU leaders deliberately ignored the facts, says John Dahlhuisen, Europe Director at Amnesty International. “Turkey is not a safe country for Syrian refugees and it is getting more insecure day by day.”

From next Monday on the first refugees stranded in Greece will be returned to Turkey, as agreed in the deal between Turkey and the EU.


Many of the people who are sent back from Turkey to Syria are refugees without papers, says Amnesty. Syrians who want to stay in Turkey, should, according to the Turkish authorities, have certain documents.

According to Amnesty, these documents often don’t exist or is it impossible for refugees to register. Refugees who are arrested by the police and do not have such documents, are deported.

Borderline situations

“The EU came up with a solution. Turkey was within a few weeks transformed into a ‘safe country’, so refugees could soon go there. It’s wishful thinking elevated to pseudo-reality. It is ignoring the borderline situations that exist especially in Turkey, the country that previously sent refugees back to Syria”, writes Eduard Nazarski of Amnesty in the Netherlands today in a column.

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