Dutch Islamophobe convicted for incitement to violence

This video, recorded in Morocco, says about itself:

How Can We Stop Islamophobia? Russell Brand The Trews (E293)

7 April 2015

In this episode of The Trews I discuss the rise in Islamophobia with people in Marrakech. I also talk about the shift that is needed beyond [British] Westminster politics and the recent leaders’ debate.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Ex-soldier convicted of sedition on Facebook

Today, 13:30

An ex-soldier from Groningen was convicted for distributing seditious texts via Facebook. The [59-year-old] man has been given a suspended eighty hours community service sentence.

“For each innocent victim, imprison twenty Muslims and make them get acquainted with the MG 42 and 10,000 bullets,” he wrote in a response to the attacks in Paris on 13 November last year. A reader of this message felt offended by it and complained, writes regional broadcaster RTV Noord. …

The veteran said he did not want to incite violence, but the judge thought differently.

FORGOTTEN WOMEN: The impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women in the Netherlands: here.

USA: Muslim man ‘left to die’ after attack by teenager outside mosque speaks out for first time. Mohamed Rasheed Khan was repeatedly punched in the face and body – he could not eat or open his eyes for days in hospital. By Rachael Revesz, New York: here.

8 thoughts on “Dutch Islamophobe convicted for incitement to violence

  1. He should never have posted it but I can understand people posted stuff like that in anger after the Paris attacks 9similar with Brussels). Funny how this man get’s convicted while the biggest racist and islamofoob in our country can waste the time of the justice department with nonsense claims and fake leaking of statements from his laywer and probably will be free as a bird without any punishment in a few weeks

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    • This was an incitement to murder Muslims who had nothing to do with the Paris attacks with firearms (he added a gun picture to the Facebook post). This is hardly a draconic punishment as it is a suspended sentence. So, if he won’t incite to violence again then he won’t get any punishment in practice. If he will incite to violence again, then he won’t have to go to jail either, but will only have to work.

      Of course, Geert Wilders is a more important Islamophobe on a national scale. It recently became a bit less certain that Wilders won’t be convicted of racism at his trial. As the Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) this week decided that Constant Kusters of the nazi Nederlandse Volksunie had been correctly convicted for organising a demonstration in which racist slogans were shouted, even though Kusters did not shout the slogans himself. This, according to some jurists, is a bad precedent for Wilders:




      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I was not inteding to mittegate what he did but I do recognise a diffrence in the reasons why things are said or posted. After the Paris and Brussels attacks I have seen the most hoorible posts on the internet, e it facebook, twitter or blogs scattered around the net that went much further than what this man wrote, bad as it may be. I have said things after MH17 that are good that they are not posted somewhere, in that light I ment I ” can understand it being said in anger” By no means I agree or condone such expressions and I agree that he got convicted. I was just struck with how easy this man got his conviction where the conviction of this horrible politician seems so difficult to pull off


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