‘Turkey is unsafe’, United States government says

This video from PBS in the USA says about itself:

Syrian refugees in Turkey suffer harsh living conditions

17 January 2016

More than 2 million refugees and migrants that crossed into Europe last year, fleeing Syria’s civil war, currently live in Turkey. Nearly 90 percent of those refugees are now living outside of traditional refugee camps, presenting a whole new set of challenges for international relief agencies. NewsHour Special Correspondent Mike Cerre reports.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Hundreds of family members of US diplomats and soldiers in southern Turkey have been ordered to leave the country. It’s too dangerous, according to the [United States] ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. …

The government departments are not talking about a specific threat or evidence of an attack in the short term, but there is concern about the safety of US citizens in all of Turkey. There is already a travel warning for Americans since recent bombings in Turkey.

So, Turkey is unsafe for United States citizens, according to the United States government. It is not safe for Turkish citizens either.

Yet, the NATO military alliance, including both the US government and European Union governments, claims that Turkey is supposedly a safe country to send refugees from bloody wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. back to. Even if these refugees then might be sent back further, from Turkey to the war zones which they fled originally. Double standards, anyone?

6 thoughts on “‘Turkey is unsafe’, United States government says

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