Mercedes Benz exploiting truck drivers

This 25 March 2016 video says about itself:

Social dumping by Mercedes Benz and Hödlmayer transport

Dutch trade union FNV: With fraudulent transports by Mercedes trucks, east European drivers are being exploited.

They work for two hundred euros a month and seventeen cents per kilometer. Those are the results of a study by the FNV union. With salaries from the East, the drivers of subcontractor Hödlmayer work with almost no rights in the West. Meanwhile Mercedes has its eyes only on the shiny cars that are on the transporting trucks.

The strict social policy Mercedes claims to maintains, wich also applies to subcontractors, seems to be only a theory on paper.

Edwin Atema of the FNV union: “We put the story and the harsh facts into a video, to wake up Mercedes.”

8 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz exploiting truck drivers

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