Yemenis’ mass demonstration against lethal Saudi bombs

This video says about itself:

Yemen: Thousands march in Sanaa against Saudi-led military intervention

26 March 2016

Crowds of people gathered in the centre of Yemen’s capital Sanaa, on Saturday, to protest against the Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign in Yemen. The march marks the one-year anniversary of the start of the Saudi-led coalition’s military operation in the country.

Naif al Qaanis, vice president of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee (Arabic): “The Yemeni people coming out in these crowds, in this unified heart, in the morning on Seventy Square, this great square, say to the entire world that we are prepared for resistance, we are prepared for confrontation, whatever they do all of their aggression is beneath the feet of the Yemeni people and all these mercenaries have no place among the people of Yemen.”

12 thoughts on “Yemenis’ mass demonstration against lethal Saudi bombs

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