Dutch mosque arson not by just one man

The Enschede mosque

Translated from Dutch RTV Oost TV:

Several men involved in failed arson at mosque in Enschede

24-3-2016 | 11:52

The man arrested for the attempted arson at the mosque at the Tweede Emmastraat street in Enschede did not act alone. Also several firebombs were thrown at the house of prayer. This appears from the investigation by police.

Several men were on the that Saturday February 27 involved in the failed arson. Images of these men were displayed today in the crime show Under the Loupe on TV Oost.

No damage, but danger

When the fire bombs were thrown over a conifer hedge to the mosque around 21:45 pm on February 27, about thirty people were present.

At the spot where one of the firebombs landed, kids had played shortly before. The firebombs did not cause damage, because they missed the mosque.

“Terrorist intent”

The public prosecutor calls throwing the firebombs a very serious matter. The 33-year-old man from Enschede arrested for this is being prosecuted for “attempted arson with a terrorist intent.”

Because the suspect according to the public prosecutor had the aim to terrorize part of the population, it is called a terrorist objective. Last week the court in Almelo decided that the man still will be held for ninety days more.

A video is here.

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