Trump, stop abusing Brussels atrocities for Islamophobia, Sanders says

This 16 October 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Saudi defense leaves Sanders stunned

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reacted to President Trump’s comments suggesting the criticism Saudi Arabia has received over a missing Saudi journalist is premature, comparing these accusations to the sexual assault allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Another video from the USA used to say about itself:

Bernie Sanders Talks Brussels, Trump and Corrupt Campaign Finance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

23 March 2016

Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! taped before the results of the Arizona, Idaho and Utah primaries were known. Bernie Sanders felt good about his chances. “We had 14,000 people out at a rally in Salt Lake City,” he told Kimmel. “There is a poll that just came out in Utah [that said] for the first time in 50 years—and this is a state that almost never votes for a Democratic candidate for president—we were beating Donald Trump by 10 points, which I thought was pretty good.”

By Igor Bobic in the USA:

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Is Using Brussels To Attack All Muslims

“To imply that if somebody is a Muslim they’re a terrorist, that is an outrageous statement.”

03/23/2016 09:30 am ET

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says Republican presidential front-runner and reality television star Donald Trump is using the tragedy in Brussels to incite bigotry against Muslims around the world.

“I think people get afraid, and for good reasons,” Sanders said in a Tuesday evening interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “ISIS is a disgusting, barbaric organization. We’ve seen what they’ve done in Paris, what they’ve done in Brussels. People are afraid of an attack in the United States. But I think what we have to understand is we’re not going to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America in order to effectively destroy ISIS.”

“At the end of the day, we cannot allow the Trumps of the world to use these incidents to attack all of the Muslim people in the world. That is unfair,” he added. “To imply that if somebody is a Muslim they’re a terrorist, that is an outrageous statement.”

Trump called for closing U.S. borders on Tuesday, after a series of deadly terror attacks left dozens killed or wounded in Brussels.

“We have to look at the mosques and study what’s going on. There is a sick problem going on,” Trump said in an interview with CBS News.

DEMOCRATIC Party US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders called for an end to the occupation of Palestine on Monday night — as his rival Hillary Clinton wooed the Israel lobby. Addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) policy conference yesterday, Ms Clinton said she would “vigorously oppose” attempts to “impose” a peaceful solution to Israel’s occupation of Palestine: here.

NATE SILVER: TRUMP IS A ‘BLACK SWAN’ EVENT How the Donald managed to throw the stats master off his prediction game. [Vanity Fair]

43 thoughts on “Trump, stop abusing Brussels atrocities for Islamophobia, Sanders says

  1. Donald Trump is running the most racist and sexist presidential campaign America has seen in decades.

    And Amazon is not only profiting off of it–but helping to fuel it.

    Amazon continues to sell Trump-branded ties, shirts, and stickers1. Amazon also allows its vendors to sell merchandise, some featuring obscenely sexist messages.2

    And since Trump is largely self-funding his campaign, that means Amazon is directly helping to fuel Trump’s campaign of hate.

    We’re demanding that Amazon follow Macy’s lead and stop selling Trump-branded items. Will you chip in $5 to help jump-start the campaign?

    Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to tell Stop selling Donald Trump merchandise.

    We know we can get Amazon to respond, because we’ve seen it before. Last year, Amazon joined Wal-Mart, eBay, and others in ending sales of Confederate flags after the Charleston shooting.3

    And after Trump launched his campaign by attacking Mexicans as rapists and murderers, corporations, including NBC and Macy’s, severed ties with him—-because they know that being associated with racism and misogyny is not only offensive but bad for business.4

    But Amazon continues to allow vendors to sell appallingly sexist items, including bumper stickers with slogans like “Life’s A Bitch: Don’t Vote For One” and “Trump that Bitch”5. It’s unbelievable.

    Already tens of thousands of people have signed petitions calling on Amazon to dump Trump, and if Amazon refuses to do the right thing, we’re ready to go big with tactics like ads targeting Amazon customers, high-profile events at their headquarters or at CEO Jeff Bezos’ public appearances, and parody videos.

    Every dollar spent on Trump merchandise on Amazon is helping to fuel Trump’s campaign of hate. Will you chip in $5 to get Amazon to dump Trump?

    Yes, I’ll chip in $5.

    Thanks for speaking out.

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Clarise, Anathea, Audine, Ryan, Shannon, Megan, Kaytee, and Libby, the UltraViolet Action team


    1. Trump merchandise,, accessed March 21, 2016

    2. Anti Hillary Pro Trump Political Bumper Sticker Election 2016, accessed March 21, 2016

    3. Walmart, Amazon, Sears, eBay to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise, CNN, June 24, 2015

    4. Is Running for President Donald Trump’s Worst Business Decision Yet? The Atlantic, July 2, 2015

    5. Anti Hillary Political Bumper Sticker/ LIFE’S A B*TCH, DON’T VOTE FOR ONE, accessed March 21, 2016


  2. In Britain, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said “I am extremely concerned for all caught up in unfolding events in Brussels.”

    He expressed “solidarity with emergency services and those affected.”

    Muslim Council of Britain Secretary General Dr Shuja Shafi said: “We are shocked to hear about the terror attacks in Brussels, coming as they did only a few days after the horrific atrocities in Istanbul.

    “I hope the killers are brought to justice and face the full force of the law.”


  3. Violence only breeds violence

    Wednesday 23rd
    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    DOZENS of people in Brussels are murdered, driving families into despair and leaving people to wonder who will be the next arbitrarily selected victims.

    Our basic natural human emotion is to express sorrow and empathy towards the survivors of these atrocities, probably carried out by people linked to the Isis death cult.

    The indiscriminate nature of the slaughter means that people from many national and religious backgrounds have been victims.

    There have been some criticisms of the Belgian intelligence services’ failure to share information with police, but, even though security weaknesses must be strengthened, systems will never be 100 per cent foolproof.

    Security regimes in Britain, France and the US have all proven unable to prevent major terrorist assaults in recent years.

    Plugging intelligence gaps, heightening public awareness and encouraging people to voice suspicions about potential harmful behaviour must be priorities alongside political work to undermine the attractiveness of the death cult to alienated minorities.

    Political input has been the weakest element in the array of responses required to carry out this work.

    Former prime minister and yet to be indicted war criminal Tony Blair has had the grace to admit the causal link between the 2003 US-British invasion of Iraq and the rise of Isis, but he remains wedded to an imperialist approach.

    He told a Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai last week of his plan for a global project to prevent extremism through education.

    Underpinning the scheme is Blair’s opinion that the West “can constantly be made to feel guilty about itself,” as though the imperialist elite has no substantive responsibility for the patchwork of conflicts besetting much of Africa, the Middle East and central Asia.

    Nato powers’ response to situations in many former colonial possessions has been to invade or, more recently, to subject them to massive aerial bombardment while local armies fight it out on the ground.

    Death, mutilation and destruction visited on the people of Brussels differ from the experiences of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Somalia and elsewhere only in the explosives’ means of delivery.

    Blair asserts that extremism is incubated in school systems that teach children “a narrow-minded and often hateful view of those who are different,” adding that those taught a culture of hate “can be untaught it.”

    This absurdly simplistic schema ignores the effect on people’s consciousness of watching imperialist war crimes daily on their screens and concentrates blame on religious schools for inculcating anti-Western hatred that might otherwise have been absent.

    His disciple David Cameron hit out at the crass attempt by Ukip to make political capital by blaming EU freedom of movement rules for a threat to security in Britain, but his own response to Brussels is problematic.

    Downing Street is flying the Belgian flag just as the French government has lit up the Eiffel Tower in Belgium’s colours of black, yellow and red.

    Why not fly Kurdish, Nigerian, Syrian, Iraqi and other banners after terrorist atrocities are carried out?

    Are some human disasters higher up the food chain than others?

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced: “We are at war,” claiming that Europe has been subjected to acts of war for several months, as though this continent alone is suffering.

    A more all-encompassing approach is required that emphasises global interdependence and community.

    Our ruling class’s obsession with unleashing foreign wars at the drop of a hat, where mass civilian casualties are called collateral damage, has to give way to new international relationships based on co-operation and solidarity.

    The alternative is that more angry and alienated young people will be open to carrying out inhuman acts of destruction.


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  6. The political establishment may want us to step aside before the map shifts in our favor. The corporate media may continue to write us off as they have throughout this entire campaign.

    But one thing is clear: the working families of this country who are held back by a rigged economy kept in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance are still fighting to take their country back from the billionaire class:

    Bloomberg National Poll – March 24, 2016
    Bernie Sanders: 49%
    Hillary Clinton: 48%

    Our surge in the polls couldn’t come at a more important time. With three caucuses on Saturday, we are poised to significantly cut into Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead, and that’s why there’s no more important time for us to ask:

    Contribute $3 today ahead of Saturday’s three critical caucuses. Every delegate matters, and your contribution could mean the difference between hitting our goals, or falling just short.

    Up until this point, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been funded almost entirely by high-dollar donors, and this week is no different. She has a series of fundraising events asking people to bundle as much as $50,000 a piece.

    But we have you, Linda. And if we continue to stand together and fight against the billionaire class trying to buy this election, we can win.

    In solidarity,

    Jeff Weaver
    Campaign Manager
    Bernie 2016


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  26. HuffPost Must Reads: A Dying GOP Senator Apologizes For Trump

    This week, the Daily Beast’s Tim Mak wrote a beautiful and moving story about the last wish of former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett. We chatted with him about it on Friday. An edited version of our conversation follows.

    Must Reads: Tell us about this story.

    Tim Mak: It’s a story about the last days of Sen. Bob Bennett, a three-term senator from Utah. He was a Republican moderate who lost in the 2010 tea-party wave. He represents an old-school kind of Republican, someone who believed in bipartisan work and developed close friendships with Democrats. He seemed to be a thoughtful man, a very religious guy, who was respected by most of his constituents.

    The story is about his last days and his dying wish, which was to reconcile with Muslim Americans given his disgust with Donald Trump.

    He had been battling pancreatic cancer for upwards of a year. And then in April, he suffered a stroke. The stroke left him partially paralyzed and unable to get up from bed. But despite being barely able to talk, during a private moment with his wife and son he got them to come close and asked them to see if there were any Muslims in the hospital — because he wanted to thank them for being in America and apologize to them on behalf of the Republican party for Donald Trump.

    MR: How did this story came about?

    TM: I ran into someone who had been to his funeral. Unlike a lot of other stories — I cover national security, and national security stories are often hard to nail down — in this case it was just a matter of reaching out to his family, who were more than eager to talk about what they saw as his dying wish.

    MR: What was their reaction when you called?

    TM: They didn’t seem particularly surprised. I think there was a lot of pride on their part. The conversations were also tinged with some grief, because he had not long passed when I gave them a call.

    MR: This has been covered all over the place — have you been surprised by how it has resonated?

    TM: I think there’s a lot of nostalgia in America right now, and that’s reflected in Donald Trump’s campaign and his desire to bring things back to the way things were. There’s a flip side to Donald Trump’s vision of politics, one of a kinder politics, a politics of mutual respect. This is the positive side of nostalgia, which involves respect for others, respect for immigrants, and respect for people who disagree with us.

    MR: Have you or the family received any backlash to the piece?

    TM: I’m not sure if the family’s gotten any. What I did find is a lot of passionate reaction on both sides. There were a lot of people saying “God bless this guy” for this attitude and for this graceful last wish. But I think there were also a lot of people who made some ugly remarks. Saying that it was a sad way to go, or arguing that there was nothing to apologize for, and of course an increasingly typical set of Islamophobic or anti-immigrant or hurtfully vicious attacks in a response to an article the supporters of Donald Trump didn’t appreciate.

    MR: Anything else you want readers to know about the piece?

    TM: There’s so much ugliness day to day of Trump saying nasty things. I think people were just happy to see something nice and kind and inclusive. You could read it as a denunciation of Donald Trump, but it’s written and told more as a story about embracing people who are different from us and welcoming them.

    Want to know more? Read the piece.

    Nick and Sam


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