Dutch Labour party leaders anti-refugees, members pro-refugees

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Protest march to welcome refugees, and say no to deportation

13-09-2015 Amsterdam.

Music: Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror“.

The article below here is about the Dutch PvdA political party. A sister party of the British Labour party and other social democrat parties. The PvdA party leaders are rather similar to Tony Blair. In the present Dutch coalition government, the PvdA is the junior partner of the right-wing VVD party.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Labour group angry about leadership’s position on refugees

Today, 13:46

Within the PvdA there is strong criticism of the refugee agreement between the European Union and Turkey. The group Linksom [Left Turn], who recently opposed a new term for party leader Samson, called the agreement “the final farewell to the humanitarian values on ​​which the EU has always claimed to base itself.”

The deal with Ankara involves according to the critics, “especially sending refugees back and stopping them.” They are not impressed by “Samson’s airlift”, which is supposed to bring refugees to the EU. Which according to Left Turn will be “smaller than the Pechtold private jet in which he flew to Kiev.”

D66 party leader Pechtold recently flew by private jet to Ukraine. He refused to say who paid this expensive journey; it seems a controversial businessman paid.

The parliamentary group of the PvdA has reacted cautiously positively to the deal. The Left Turn group calls this incomprehensible and concludes that the parliamentary group in this is diametrically opposed to Amnesty International, the UNHCR, the Refugee Council and other organizations.


According to Left Turn, the agreement is unenforceable, and it will be unable to stop people smugglers from making lots of money. In addition, the refugee flows would be diverted to other, more dangerous and more expensive routes. “It’s a nasty horse trade with refugees: the Turks can do the dirty work, we pay and look away.”

Left Turn calls the position of the PvdA parliamentary group the final moral bankruptcy of the Labour representation in parliament. “If they continue like this, they might join the VVD as well.”

Left Turn is a group that already for a year or two has spoken out within the PvdA and which seeks a much more left-wing course of the party. Frontman Gerard Bosman is chairman of the Ridderkerk party branch. At the last party congress last month, he tried to be elected to the party executive. He did not succeed.

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