18 thoughts on “British Blairite Danczuk’s expenses fraud

  1. Wednesday 30th March 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    CHELLEY RYAN used to believe that Jeremy’s detractors had the best interests of the party at heart underneath all the squabbling – but not any more

    WHEN a Facebook friend sent me this message: “Did you hear Angela Smith has called on Jeremy to resign,” I have to admit to a fleeting moment of panic.

    First, I had no idea who Angela Smith was and, second, surely Jeremy Corbyn had to have been guilty of something terrible for this woman to call on him to resign?

    So I did my research, and I discovered that Angela Smith is an MP and, in a nutshell, she was calling on Corbyn to resign because he’d chosen to attend a kebab award ceremony, rather than give a major speech on Europe.

    What Smith has against kebabs is anyone’s guess, because I think they’re delicious.

    Seriously, though, we know full well she’s got nothing against kebabs. The real object of her venom is Corbyn.

    She will be fully aware that he is due to give a major speech on Europe next month, but that’s not enough to placate her.

    Why? Because bitterites like Smith have bet the political equivalent of the family farm on Corbyn being an unelectable failure, and it’s a bet they are not prepared to lose.

    Can you imagine the tweets they’d receive in 2020 if Corbyn goes on to become PM? All the people queuing up to rub his supposedly “impossible” victory in their faces?

    In fact, you probably hadn’t given it much thought.

    That’s because most Corbyn supporters — assuming most people reading this are Corbyn supporters — would be too busy celebrating to think about taunting the bitterites.

    This isn’t about pride for us. This is about fighting for what we believe to be right. It’s about campaigning for a Labour victory in order to really help people.

    The bitterites claim they want to help people too. They use this as an excuse for their anti-Corbyn position. They say he’s unelectable, and a more consensual, middle-of-the-road, wishy-washy sort of leader would win the middle-ground voters.

    I used to give them the benefit of the doubt that they really believed this. Not any more. Not since last week. Now I sincerely believe their greatest fear is that Corbyn really is electable. And this is why …

    Labour’s and Corbyn’s poll ratings are steadily improving. This should be something all Labour MPs want to happen.

    It’s a sign that things are shifting in Labour’s favour. But no. Not all of them are happy. Definitely not Angela Smith, who chooses to call on Corbyn to resign the same week his approval ratings surpass those of David Cameron’s for the first time.

    This is no coincidence. Fear is spreading among the bitterite ranks. Fear that Corbyn really could win.

    This is how I imagine it’s been for them recently. The first positive poll — well, they probably just dismissed it as a rogue poll, though I don’t doubt it put a few bitterite hairs on end.

    The second poll — well, that probably caused a few sleepless nights. But poll number three — well, I’m pretty sure that was what I call the “fox in the hen house” moment. Panic. Sheer panic. Three polls in a row showing Labour gaining ground on and even surpassing the Tories. This was not in the script!

    The bitterites have always been pretty transparent when it comes to their plotting and scheming, but since that “fox in the hen house” poll, they’ve become more transparent than air itself.

    Take John Woodcock. He sends a ranty, sweary direct message to a friend about the infamous Labour MPs list, except he tweets it “by mistake.”

    Seriously? By mistake? We weren’t born yesterday, John. What a great way of getting your “despair” publicity.

    The fact you deleted it doesn’t mean you didn’t tweet it on purpose.

    Then you have Woodcock’s “back of hand to forehead, woe is us,” tirade in the media about Corbyn letting the list distract from the Budget, as if he saw Corbyn cross the t’s and dot the i’s on the list himself, before stamping it with the bottom of his coffee mug.

    This man has either no idea how faux his outrage looks to the rest of us, or he simply doesn’t care. In fact it appears so faux, I now suspect him of planting the list himself in order to take the heat off the government during a difficult week, and to frame Corbyn and his team to boot. And I’m not kidding.

    The positive polls have exposed the bitterites for what they are — a group of people who only want Labour to win if one of their ilk is leader.

    Now Labour is doing better in the polls, they will be upping the ante on their attacks to cost Labour votes. They need Labour to be pulverised in May’s elections so they have an excuse to call on Corbyn to resign or to put someone up against him.

    The fact their little shenanigans clearly laid the ground for previous poor poll results doesn’t seem to feature in their thinking. But it will definitely feature in ours.

    Who knows, maybe their plots and schemes will work? Maybe we will be rejected in May by an electorate whose first thought when they think of Labour is chaos, in-fighting and a leader hanging on by his fingernails.

    But even if it does work, and the bitterites launch a leadership challenge against Corbyn, they are in for the biggest fight of their political lives, and it’s a fight Corbyn supporters are not prepared to lose.



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  10. Tuesday 19th
    posted by Luke James in Britain

    DISGRACED MP Simon Danczuk has sparked fresh speculation that he could be set to join the Conservatives after being photographed with the top Tory in his constituency at the weekend.

    Mr Danczuk, who was suspended from the Labour Party after sending lewd texts to a teenager, posed with his arm round Tory council leader Ashley Dearnley next to a Conservative Party banner.

    The pair embraced at a community festival in Littleborough, Rochdale on Sunday, where the local Conservatives had a stall.

    They were so pally that Mr Danczuk even took part in the Tories’ fundraising tombola, according to constituent Philip Gilligan, who caught the MP schmoozing.

    He told the Star: “When he arrived at the festival, he went straight to the Conservative stand, had a go on their tombola and posed for the photograph for I’m not sure who. But I decided I would nip out and take my own photograph.

    “As a constituent, I’m fed up with having an MP who is constantly bringing himself and the constituency into disrepute.

    “As a potential Labour voter, I’m fed up with being offered a Labour MP in Rochdale who doesn’t, in my view, represent true Labour values and who has on many occasions spoken out against the leader of the Labour Party and attacked him.”

    The Star contacted Mr Danczuk’s office for comment twice but had not received a response when we went to print.

    Mr Danczuk allegedly told his ex-partner Claire Hamilton that he only joined Labour “because they asked me first.”



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  13. Thursday 21st September 2017

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    “COUCH POTATO” peers have claimed nearly £1.3 million expenses despite not speaking in a single Lords debate for over a year.

    A total of 115 Lords — around one in seven — did not contribute in any debate during the 2016-17 session but were paid an average sum of just over £11,000 each, according to Electoral Reform Society (ERS) analysis.

    ERS chief executive Darren Hughes said data appears to show a growing “something for nothing” culture in the unelected chamber.

    “And there are a worrying number of couch potato peers and lobby fodder Lords at a time when there is plenty to scrutinise, ostensibly the upper chamber’s role,” he said.

    “It’s completely unacceptable that peers can claim thousands without even speaking or voting in the House, and it highlights the reality that there is no accountability for peers.”

    Labour MP and former minister David Hanson renewed calls for the Lords to be reformed — starting with hereditary peers.

    “We need people of merit in our legislature, not those who happen to be the great grandson of an earl.”

    The Lords said it has unanimously agreed to “take steps to reduce its size.”

    A spokesman for the house said ERS’s focus was “narrow” and that speaking in the chamber is one way members hold the government to account.

    Graham Smith, chief executive officer of democracy campaign Republic, told the Star: “These people abuse the system and its true of any institution where people are not elected.

    “Admitting that the Lords is too large is a red herring. Its focus should be more about that Lords cannot be thrown out or got rid of.”



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