Dutch armed extreme rightists arrested

This video about Germany says about itself:

8 February 2016

Anti refugee Nazi tank causes outrage in Bavarian carnival.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The people who were arrested prior to the Wilders court case

Xenophobic politician Geert Wilders is on trial today, accused of anti-Moroccan people hate speech

near the high security court near Schiphol airport are five members of the extreme right group Dutch Self Defense Army. Also one Pegida supporter was arrested, the Royal Military Police reports.

The group members, five men and one woman had pepper spray [illegal for non-police people] and knives with them. It is not clear what they were planning to do with those weapons. The military police are now investigating.

The Dutch Self Defence Army focuses according to its website on the “immigrant problem“.

2 thoughts on “Dutch armed extreme rightists arrested

  1. Probably one of two reasons they had them
    1: use them on anti wilders demonstrators


    Pose as anti wilders demonstrators to generate “sympathy” for the Aho.

    Just like that “leaked or hacked” opening statement or whatever it was from his lawyer, they probably leaked it themselves to get the trial to stop because the chance he get’s convicted is this time much higher and probable then last time


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