Curaçao musicians start conservatory

This is a video series about Curaçao music.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Curaçao will get a conservatory. A number of leading musicians in Curaçao has joined hands with the University of Curaçao. The aim is to offer next academic year two four year undergraduate courses.

One is focused on training music teachers. The other program offers the opportunity to become a professional musician, including guitar, piano, percussion, brass instruments, woodwind instruments and vocals.

Randal Corson is a pianist, composer and former professor at three conservatories in the Netherlands. He teamed up with guitarist Cedric Dandaré, bassist Eric Calmes and singer Maria Sosa to initiate a conservatory on the island. ….

Curaçao has a glaring shortage of music teachers. “My old teacher, already over eighty, still teaches. But most schools do nothing about music. If you invest in that, talent will grow”, says Corsen.

“Therefore it is important that the academy provides training to become a music teacher. They can then teach in elementary schools.” …

Music scene

A conservatory can be a huge incentive for the various music venues on the island, thinks Corsen. “Remember that musicians have to survive on the island. They are forced to work commercially. This is at the expense of the cultural quality.”

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