Saudi warplanes kill still more Yemeni civilians

This video says about itself:

Yemen: UN Condemns Saudi Attack

16 March 2016

Saudi Arabia kills dozens [as initial, too low, estimates said] of Yemeni civilians in Mastaba Market, Hajja Governorate, Yemen. UN calls for impartial investigation.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

A Saudi bombing at a market in northern Yemen on Tuesday killed not 65 but 119 people, reports a United Nations spokesperson in the country.

The air strike was aimed at Mastaba city, northwest of the capital Sanaa. The market was hit Tuesday at the busiest time of day. According to witnesses, there are no military targets in the vicinity of the market. Dozens of wounded were treated by staff members of MSF.

10 thoughts on “Saudi warplanes kill still more Yemeni civilians

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