People against war profiteers in Wales

This video from Wales says about itself:

16 March 2016

A short video from the ‘Stop Cardiff’s Arms Fair’ at the Motorpoint Arena – Filmed by Ben Blyth and Lorna Cabble.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Bus stop protest for anti-arms activists

Thursday 17th March 2016

Another one reads: “Murder civilians, destroy families, create refugees … all this and more at the Cardiff Arms Fair.”

The fair — of which 36 per cent of delegates are from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) — has been held in the Welsh capital since 2014 following a successful campaign to push it out of Bristol.

University of the West of England students had blocked roads and staged a die-in to embarrass the university into cancelling the annual Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability (DPRTE) exhibition.

Shirley Dodds, a protester who approached attendees wearing a grim reaper costume, said she attended the Cardiff demo to help drive the exhibition out in the same way as in Bristol.

Around 100 other people held banners — with one saying: “Stop making a killing” — and handed out leaflets to exhibition delegates.

Three public order offence arrests were made, according to South Wales Police.

DPRTE said that it was keen to help smaller arms companies sell to larger manufacturers and the government, as the MoD spends £19 billion per year on such gear.

Big companies such as BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin, whose weaponry has been used to commit serious human rights abuses, would be “shopping for parts” at the fair, Campaign Against Arms Trade (Caat) spokeswoman Kat Hobbs said.

Caat claimed that six companies at the fair have specifically targeted Saudi Arabia, renowned for mass executions which is bombing neighbouring Yemen back into the Stone Age.

Activist Lleucu Williams said it was “shocking” that the arena agreed to the event and she urged people to join the “growing resistance” against it.

She added: “We’ve resolved to show the arms dealers that there is no welcome for them in Wales.”

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