Fieldfares and redwings on Texel island

Fieldfares and mistle thrush, 10 March 2016

After 9 March 2016 on Texel island came 10 March. Where we saw this fieldfare and this mistle thrush.

That day, we were in the eastern part of the island, close to the Wadden Sea dike.

First, the Molenkolk nature reserve. Scores of curlews. Oystercatchers. Shelducks. Egyptian geese.

Then, we continued to an old fort, originally from the sixteenth century: De Schans.

A common pochard couple swimming in the moat. Grey lag geese. Mallards. Coots. Wigeons.

Fieldfares, Texel, 10 March 2016

On a meadow, there were scores of fieldfares and mistle thruhes.

Fieldfare, Texel, 10 March 2016

Redwing and fieldfare, Texel, 10 March 2016

Also some redwings.

Redwing and mistle thrush, on Texel, 10 March 2016

Redwing, 10 March 2016

And some starlings.

9 thoughts on “Fieldfares and redwings on Texel island

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