Turkish merchant beats up Syrian refugee child

This 10 March 2016 video shows a Turkish man beating up a Syrian refugee child.

From Middle East Eye about this:

VIDEO: Turkish man slams Syrian refugee child to ground

11 March 2016 20:17 UTC

A shocking video has emerged from one of Turkey’s ancient marketplaces showing a street vendor running after a small Syrian boy before picking him up and slamming his body to the ground.

The incident, which took place on Thursday in the famous Kemeraltı bazaar in the western city of Izmir, showed people angrily confronting the street vendor and yelling at him as the boy remains on the ground. …

Eyewitnesses said that the boy had bruises on his face and briefly lost consciousness.

He was given water by passersby before leaving the bazaar crying, accompanied by a friend.

The video has elicited a strong response on social media, with one user commenting, “If it was a Trump rally people would be cheering.”

A similar reaction was elicited last year when a Syrian boy selling tissues in Izmir was repeatedly smacked across the face by a restaurant owner.

Apparently, in Turkey like, eg, in European Union countries, governmental repression of and violence against refugees helps to create a climate for xenophobic violence by non-governmental people.

4 thoughts on “Turkish merchant beats up Syrian refugee child

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