Texel sanderlings, turnstones and oystercatchers

Eider ducks, Texel, 7 March 2016

After 6 March 2016 on Texel island, came 7 March 2016 there. When we saw this flock of eider ducks flying past the beach.

We had arrived at the beach from the Pieter Rozenvlak walk in the sand dunes. Curlews calling. Meadow pipits. A flock of jackdaws.

Turnstones, sanderlings, gulls, 7 March 2016

On a jetty at the North Sea beach, sanderlings and turnstones on the foreground; herring gulls in the background.

Sanderling on Texel, 7 March 2016

Sometimes, a sanderling stretching.

Sanderling on Texel island, 7 March 2016

Sometimes, a sanderling from the jetty to the beach’s water line.

Seashells, 7 March 2016

Many seashells on the beach.

Oystercatchers, 7 March 2016

And a flock of oystercatchers. Standing …

Oystercatchers flying, 7 March 2016

… and flying.

Turnstone, 7 March 2016

Sometimes, ruddy turnstones found food in seashells.

Sanderlings on Texel beach, 7 March 2016

While some sanderlings looked for food, others cleaned their feathers.

Texel beach, 7 March 2016

After one last look at the sea we had to go back.

In a meadow in the sand dunes near Jan Ayeslag, horses and fieldfares.

Texel dunes in spring 2016: here. In May 2016: here.

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