‘Publish CIA files on mass murder of Indonesians’

This music video says about itself:

Evil Triumphs Over Good – Indonesia 1965-66

The lyrics and music of this Steven Edward Duren song really describe the events of Suharto’s “New Order”, placed over Indonesia.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Indonesia asks for ’65 massacre files

Saturday 12th March 2015

Human rights commission wants US to hand over documents

by Our Foreign Desk

INDONESIA has asked Washington to release its files on the 1965-66 US-backed massacres of communists and alleged sympathisers that left millions dead.

The Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (HAM) made an unusual direct request this week to US President Barack Obama, who lived in the country with his stepfather from 1967 to 1971.

HAM commissioner Muhammad Nurkhoiron met US State Department officials before asking Mr Obama to declassify intelligence documents relating to the anti-communist bloodbath.

His request states that the files held by the CIA, the Defence Intelligence Agency and other bodies will help in “encouraging the Indonesian government to redouble its own efforts to establish the truth” and promote reconciliation.

In 2012, HAM called for prosecutions for crimes against humanity committed during the purge, but the attorney general took no action.

“We need the US to immediately release those documents to help our efforts,” Mr Nurkhoiron said in an interview. He warned that when Mr Obama leaves office early next year, momentum for US action could be lost.

US National Security Council spokesman Myles Caggins said the administration supports the declassification of any relevant documents from the period which do not pose a national security risk.

While the US has released some documents, others remain classified.

The anti-communist witch-hunt began following an abortive military coup against President Sukarno which was blamed on his supporters in the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI).

General Suharto used the coup as a pretext for the slaughter of up to three million people.

Suharto finally deposed Sukarno in 1967, ruling for three decades more until his death in 1998.

Mr Obama played down the death toll in his memoirs, putting it at “a few hundred thousand, maybe half a million.”

Redacted meeting notes from a meeting of the National Security Council covert action committee — finally declassified last month following a 2004 freedom of information request — show that the US endorsed “obstructive action” against the PKI.

The freedom of information request was made by University of Connecticut historian Brad Simpson, who said that the US had organised covert operations to provoke violence that would serve as an excuse for the crackdown.

52 years after fascist genocide, Indonesians scared of “Communist Ghosts”: here.

7 thoughts on “‘Publish CIA files on mass murder of Indonesians’

  1. 50 years ago: Suharto completes Indonesia power grab

    On March 16, 1966, CIA-backed Indonesian military strongman Suharto placed under house arrest the vice premier of Indonesia, Chairul Saleh, accusing him of being a communist sympathizer. One month later Saleh was put in prison, and within a year he was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

    The imprisonment of Saleh and the deposition of the entire cabinet of President Sukarno, who remained the nominal head of government, came four days after the official banning of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), once the largest communist party outside of the Soviet Union or China. Hundreds of thousands of PKI supporters had already been murdered when Suharto, with the full complicity of the US, completed his power grab.

    Elite troops were sent in to occupy Djakarta, as the moves to force out Sukarno’s cabinet were completed. The ouster was preceded by two weeks of anticommunist demonstrations by Islamist students against the dismissal of Suharto’s associate, Gen. Nasution, as chief of the armed forces and defense minister, in a last-ditch bid by Sukarno to maintain a semblance of power.

    Virtually unknown until the previous year, Suharto assumed the leadership of the anti-communist pogrom which followed the assassination of six top military leaders on October 1, 1965. After securing the support of the leaders of the military, Suharto gave Sukarno an ultimatum to dismiss his foreign minister and other cabinet ministers accused of being “communist sympathizers.” Sukarno was forced to hand over all political power to General Suharto, while retaining the nominal title of president.



  2. Tuesday 3rd May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    SURVIVORS of Indonesia’s 1965 anti-communist massacres submitted a list of more than 100 mass graves to the government yesterday after President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo ordered an investigation.

    Five septuagenarian survivors, who are founders of the Research Foundation for 1965 Murder Victims, gave the documents to the Ministry for Politics, Legal and Security Affairs, which is responsible for the probe.

    The list is the product of research since 2000 and the graves, on the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Flores and Bali, account for nearly 14,000 victims.

    Half a million people died in the months-long military-led killing frenzy that began in October 1965 after six right-wing generals were killed in an attempted coup blamed on communists.

    Security Minister Luhut Pandjaitan was not on hand to receive the documents but his officials said that he would meet the group next week.

    He was instructed by Mr Widodo to oversee an investigation into the massacres after last month’s conference hosted by the government and rights groups broke a half-century taboo on public discussion of the slaughter.

    Retired general Luhut caused a stir at the event by asserting that very few people were killed and vowing that the government would never apologise. He demanded later that rights groups prove that mass graves exist.

    Massacre survivor Bedjo Untung said that the foundation had documented the locations of 122 mass graves with the help of witnesses, including people who dug the graves and buried the bodies.

    “We believe this is only 2 per cent of the victims,” he said.

    Indonesia’s military was given vital support during the bloodshed by Britain and the US.



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  5. Tuesday 19th September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    TWENTY-TWO people were arrested yesterday for rioting after a group of right-wing thugs tried to shut down a discussion of Indonesia’s 1965-66 slaughter of millions of communists.

    Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono said five police officers were injured in the melee, which took place as right-wing crowds tried to storm a building hosting a public forum on the killings.

    The forum was to look at the months-long bloodbath when Indonesia’s left-leaning leader Sukarno was being outmanoeuvred by one of his generals, Suharto, who went on to overthrow him and rule as a dictator for three decades.

    The killing spree, described by the CIA as “one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century,” eviscerated what had been the third-largest communist party in the world, with three million members in the 1960s.

    Ironically, police had surrounded the building in a bid to prevent the seminar from taking place on the grounds that its organisers had not requested permission, but officers were able to protect the “about 200” people who were inside from the mob, who shouted that they were communists and threw stones through the windows.

    Islamic authorities and the military have resisted recent efforts by historians and journalists to expose the extent of the massacre, arguing that this could revive socialist ideas in the country.

    Organiser Bonnie Setiawan said police had violated the attendees’ constitutional right to freedom of association and assembly and prevented a discussion of the challenges to democracy in Indonesia.



  6. Thursday 19th October 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Declassified documents detail support for 1965 killing spree

    DECLASSIFIED files have exposed just how much the US knew about and supported the massacre of millions of Indonesians in the 1965 anti-communist purges.

    The non-governmental National Security Archive research group published 39 documents on Tuesday, out of thousands of pages of newly declassified files from the US embassy in Jakarta.

    They cover the period from 1963-66, documenting official knowledge and approval of the army’s death-squad operations to wipe out the three million-strong Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and its supporters.

    Up to three million people were rounded up across the country, executed and dumped in mass graves.

    The files show that the US provided the Indonesian army with lists of senior communist party officials, equipment and money during the massacres.

    The purges led to the overthrow of communist-backed nationalist president Sukarno and the 31-year dictatorship of General Suharto.

    The documents show US officials had credible evidence that contradicting the army’s claim about a supposed September 30 1965 bid by junior officers was ordered by the PKI — used as justification for the massacres.

    A December 21 1965 diplomatic cable from the embassy’s first secretary Mary Vance Trent to Washington noted the “fantastic switch which has occurred over 10 short weeks.” Ms Trent estimated 100,000 had been slaughtered by then.

    A previously released April 1966 embassy cable said: “We frankly do not know whether the real figure is closer to 100,000 or 1,000,000” — and even the Indonesian government had only a “vague idea.”

    A report covering November 1965 by embassy political affairs officer Edward Masters addressed the “problem” of holding and feeding suspected PKI prisoners.

    “Many provinces appear to be successfully meeting this problem by executing their PKI prisoners, or killing them before they are captured, a task in which Moslem [sic] youth groups are providing assistance,” he wrote.

    A month later the US consulate in Indonesia’s capital Medan wrote that imams from the Muhammadiyah Muslim organisation were preaching that all communists should be killed, calling them the “lowest order of infidel, the shedding of whose blood is comparable to killing chicken.”

    Britain also supported the massacres, documented by the historian Mark Curtis. Anti-communism appears to be on the rise in Indonesia, with rightwingers trying to shut down a meeting on the massacres just last month.



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