Barred owl nest live on webcam

This video from the USA is called Female Barred Owl Fed Crayfish by Mate, Rolls Eggs. 9 March 2016.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA writes about this today:

Deep in the suburban wilds of central Indiana, the Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owls have returned for a third year on cam. Nestled beneath the down feathers of the female owl are three white eggs, due to be incubated for 4-5 weeks before hatching. For the last two years, the owls have had great success raising their young, fledging five owlets from five eggs.

During the day you can listen to the sounds of spring arriving to the forests, while at night watch as a steady stream of interesting prey items are delivered to the nest box by the male owl. Watch along as the owlets transform from close-eyed, downy fluffballs to fierce, sometimes clumsy youngsters before setting out to explore the world. Watch cam.

3 thoughts on “Barred owl nest live on webcam

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