18 thoughts on “Three men sentenced in Cologne, no refugees, not for sexual abuse

  1. Thank You for posting this article. I was hoping it (the 73 accused for sexual assaults) was a ‘journalistic exaggeration’. It seemed almost an impossibility to me, rather than fact.

    In regard to those who perpetrate such hate/racist remarks and judgments: Fear has a terrible way of forcing some people to do shameful things…


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  4. After women were attacked on New Year’s Eve in Germany, a flood of racism and xenophobia spread. Refugee men responded by handing out flowers to women on the streets as a show of respect. To return the gesture and show solidarity and welcome, a hundred female Avaaz members went out to hand flowers back to refugees in Cologne, the site of the attacks. Their video went viral!

    “Refugee men handed out flowers to women as a sign of peace. As Avaaz members we wanted to reciprocate this courageous gesture to show that we counter hate with humanity.”
    – Maresa, Avaaz member


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