Beaked whale beaches in Dutch Zeeland

This video says about itself:

First underwater video of True´s beaked whales

7 March 2017

View the full academic article here (complete with more images).

PeerJ is an open access peer-reviewed publisher – all PeerJ articles are free to read and re-use.

This video is from the PeerJ Publication: “True’s beaked whale (Mesoplodon mirus) in Macaronesia. PeerJ 5:e3059“. This group was formed by three adult or sub-adult whales. Social behavior of this species is still unknown but the group seemed to dive in a coordinated manner, as has been observed in other species of beaked whales.

Credit: Roland Edler.

Dutch regional broadcaster Omroep Zeeland reports that yesterday evening a beached beaked whale was found near Vlissingen.

Beaked whales are very rare in the North Sea.

The animal, about five meter long, has been transported to the veterinary department of Utrecht university; to find out why the animal died and which beaked whale species it is.

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