Berta Cáceres murdered in Honduras

This video from the USA says about itself:

Remembering Berta Cáceres, Assassinated Honduras Indigenous & Environmental Leader

4 March 2016

Honduran indigenous and environmental organizer Berta Cáceres has been assassinated in her home in Honduras. She was one of the leading organizers for indigenous land rights in Honduras. In 1993, she co-founded the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, or COPINH. For years, the group faced death threats and repression as they stood up to mining and dam projects that threatened to destroy their community. Last year, Cáceres won the Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s leading environmental award. We hear Cáceres in her own words and speak to her nephew, Silvio Carrillo, and her longtime friend Beverly Bell.

Hypocrisy surrounds the murder of Berta Cáceres in Honduras: here.

5 thoughts on “Berta Cáceres murdered in Honduras

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