Sexual abuse by soldiers, report

This 30 January 2016 video says about itself:

Central African Republic: Peacekeepers accused of child abuse

The United Nation is alleging that peacekeepers from Georgia, France and another unnamed European nation abused children while deployed in the Central Africa Republic.

The crimes were committed in 2014 but new information came into light only in recent weeks and the authorities concerned including the European Union are now conducting investigations.

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Another video used to say about itself:

French, Georgian peacekeepers accused of sex abuse in Central African Republic

30 January 2016

Senior UN officials disclosed names of the countries whose peacekeepers are accused of sexually abusing and exploiting children in the war-torn Central African Republic. The victims were aged from 7 to 16 at the time of the alleged abuse.

The shocking issue surfaced after the UN human rights staff in the Central African Republic (CAR) interviewed several girls who said they were raped, abused or paid for sex by United Nations and EU peacekeepers since 2014.

A girl and a boy aged seven and nine, interviewed by the UN staff, were allegedly abused by French troops taking part in Operation Sangaris. The seven-year-old girl said she had sex with the French soldiers in exchange for a bottle of water and a sachet of cookies, according to the UN press release.

Both she and the nine-year-old boy said that other children were abused in a similar way repeatedly by the French soldiers.

From AFP news agency in France:

United Nations peacekeepers from 21 countries accused of sexual abuse

03 Mar 2016 at 21:55 ET

The United Nations is reporting a “deeply concerning” increase in allegations of sex abuse by its peacekeepers, with 69 claims last year against troops from 21 countries.

A much-awaited report by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon obtained by AFP on Thursday provides, for the first time, the nationalities of the troops facing the allegations.

First on the “name and shame” list was the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose troops faced seven allegations, followed by Morocco and South Africa, each hit with four accusations. …

Peacekeeping police from Canada and Germany as well as soldiers from Moldova and Slovakia were also accused of sexual abuse or exploitation while serving as UN peacekeepers.

Two UN missions accounted for the majority of claims: the MINUSCA force in the Central African Republic and MINUSCO in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but there were also cases in Ivory Coast and Mali. …

At least 22 children were sexually abused by peacekeepers, according to the report, but that figure may be higher as the age of the victims was not always determined.

– No prosecution –

None of last year’s cases have yet resulted in criminal prosecution, though a Canadian police officer who served in Haiti was given a nine-day suspension.

The AFP report does not mention the child sexual abuse by French soldiers in the Central African Republic, formerly a French colony.

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