Zimbabwe mining boss jailed for poisoning elephants

This video says about itself:

Baby elephant rescued from water trough in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

14 January 2016

The rescue of a baby elephant stuck illustrates the amazing compassion and intelligence of elephants!

From Nehanda Radio in Zimbabwe, 16 December 2015:

HARARE – Godfrey Nyakudya, who is also Managing Director of Bulawayo based mining consumable entity Chaferfly Enterprises, has been fingered in the cyanide poaching in most parts of the country, Nehanda Radio can exclusively reveal.

Nyakudya is partner and close ally of Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Mines, Fred Moyo. Currently Nyakudya is reported to be in hiding at a rented house near the University of Zimbabwe main campus as he dodges the long arm of the law.

Nyakudya, founder of Chaferfly Enterprises located at 19 Woolwich Road, Thorngrove, Bulawayo, is wanted in connection with the manner in which he dealt with the poisonous substance, cyanide, used during the chemical poaching in Zimbabwe since 2013.

More than 300 elephants were killed in the Hwange National Park, between 2013 and 2014 by unknown assailants and 100 more died of cyanide poisoning across the country this year.

According to this source today, police have meanwhile arrested Mr Nyakudya. He will appear in court next week.

The drones saving animals from poachers in Zimbabwe.

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