VVSB amateur against professional football, women’s football update

This 1 March 2016 Dutch video is about the small town Noordwijkerhout wishing its football club VVSB success in the Dutch cup semifinals.

Tonight, the amateur football players of VVSB in small town Noordwijkerhout play against premier league professionals FC Utrecht, in the Utrecht stadium.

At half time now, still no goals by anyone.

Two thousand VVSB supporters went by bus to Utrecht. One of the VVSB players had forgotten his football shoes. So, a policeman on a motorbike brought them to the stadium.

Also tonight, the Dutch women’s football team won 4 against 3 goals against the Swiss team. In a match which is part of qualifying for the Olympic football competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

3 thoughts on “VVSB amateur against professional football, women’s football update

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