5 thoughts on “Save whales, stop Japan-European Union trade agreement

  1. Dear friends,

    For 30 years, Japan has been slaughtering thousands of beautiful whales despite a total global ban, but we can finally make it stop.

    Right now, at a historic global summit on whaling, Australia is leading a coalition to help close the crazy loophole that has allowed Japan to keep whaling by claiming it’s for “scientific purposes”.

    The result could be decided by just one or two votes, but if we make this huge in a few key countries and deliver a million signatures to their delegations just before the vote — just hours away — we can stop this whale slaughter for good!

    Click to stop the Japanese whale slaughter

    The situation has become so crazy that Japan recently killed 200 pregnant whales, and a Japanese website was just found illegally selling whale meat overseas!

    The original ban on commercial whaling allowed Japan to kill a small number of whales each year for scientific purposes. But in reality it has become a massive loophole through which fleets of Japanese whaling ships sail every year.

    Even an international court ruled there is nothing scientific about Japan’s whaling and it is completely illegal. Now the International Whaling Commission has all the ammunition it needs to stop them, and Brazil is proposing a sanctuary to allow whales to recover and regenerate. Governments are meeting right now, let’s make this happen:

    Click to stop the Japanese whale slaughter

    Our community has a long and proud history of protecting our oceans and the stunning marine life that calls them home. We’ve shown up at critical moments and used people power to shake things up for good. Let’s do it again!

    With hope,

    Luca, Nic, Lisa, Danny, Carol, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team


    Japan to face criticism at international summit for flouting whaling ruling (The Guardian)

    Australia wants ‘scientific whaling’ ended (SBS)

    The truth about ‘Scientific’ whaling (IFAW)

    Japan Kills 200 Pregnant Minke Whales (National Geographic)


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