Golden jackal in the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

Jackals Out of Africa – The Secrets of Nature

25 February 2015

In some cultures, jackals were pursued and condemned as pests that feed on parasite-infested carcasses. In others, such as Ancient Egypt, they were divinely celebrated. This documentary accompanies a young scientist, who is drawn to these mythical mammals, and takes us on a journey to explore golden jackals, from Egypt to the barren hills of Greece.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

In the Veluwe region about ten days ago a golden jackal was seen. Wageningen University has announced it. The animal was accidentally seen on camera images. …

It is not yet clear whether the jackal had been freed by someone or that it came to the Netherlands itself.

Normally, the golden jackal or golden wolf lives in North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and the Balkans. In recent years the animal has moved increasingly to Western Europe. Recently, the animal was also seen in Denmark and Germany, near Frankfurt.

See also here. And here.

9 thoughts on “Golden jackal in the Netherlands

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