Sanders reveals shocking facts about wealth inequality in America

Rich-poor inequality, cartoon

Congresswoman quits Democratic National Committee, endorses Bernie Sanders: here.

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Bernie thinks wealth and income inequality is so important, he made this video to lay out all the major points regarding the dwindling middle class, the state of the wealth and income gaps today, and lays out how we might build a more equitable economy for all.

Acknowledging Disparity of Wealth & Opportunity in America

The first step is to acknowledge that America has a problem. A structural economic inequality problem.

Does this have something to do with the 99% thing?

Absolutely. Today, the United States sees vast inequalities in both income (what we get paid) and wealth (everything we own). While some inequality is expected in any economy — and is perhaps even healthy — the U.S. today has inequalities allowing those at the top to amass (and keep) huge estates, while 22 percent of children live below the poverty line. Adults can work 40 hours a week and still not…

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51 thoughts on “Sanders reveals shocking facts about wealth inequality in America

  1. When I first decided to run for president, my greatest fear was that if I were to run a poor campaign or did not do well, that it would be a setback not just for me, but for the ideas driving our campaign.

    A lot of people said we had no chance. Our ideas are too big. The billionaire class is too powerful.

    But we kept at it. We came to a virtual tie in Iowa, had a big win in New Hampshire, and made huge progress in Nevada.

    What you’re doing is working. Every contribution, every phone call and every door knocked is bringing our political revolution one step closer to winning the White House.

    Now there’s another big deadline, and it’s Monday night: the final FEC reporting deadline before Super Tuesday. It’s a huge opportunity to show the strength of our movement.

    Please make a $3 contribution to our campaign and send an unmistakable message that you have had ENOUGH of the corrupt billionaire class buying our candidates and elections.

    There are twenty-six primaries and caucuses over the next three weeks, with thousands of delegates at stake. We’re up against a billionaire class that doesn’t want us to succeed, and they’re willing to do anything it takes to stop our movement.

    I’m so glad to have you at our side, Linda.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


  2. I’m a superdelegate; tell me how I should vote. is an experiment in grassroots democracy. And so far, the experiment is a success.

    More voters have voted at than in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary and the Nevada Caucus combined.

    Channeling our inner Rubio, let’s say that again: more people participated in our vote than in those two state primaries, combined.

    And with one last surge, we can produce more votes than the South Carolina Democratic primary, too.

    Bernie vs. Hillary – we decide. Are you up for that?

    But time is running out. This poll closes tomorrow.

    Share on Facebook

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    Make sure that your friends and family have voted in the first-ever superdelegate presidential primary. Tell them that the deadline to vote is THIS SUNDAY at 11:59:59 PM — and make sure they know that this is not just about how one superdelegate votes, but all about restoring democracy to the unDemocratic Party.

    If four grassroots activists vote here, it means nothing. If 400,000 vote, it means everything. Let’s organize, organize, organize – let’s set the netroots on fire. This is your chance to make a difference.

    Seize the day. Because tomorrow is the last day. Last chance, last dance. You know what to do.

    – Team Grayson

    P.S. Here’s the link:!


  3. The Democratic Establishment: corrupt, mendacious sellouts.

    There, I said it.

    You’ve seen what I’ve seen. Take the Presidential campaign. The Democratic Party schedules Presidential debates during NFL playoff games, to try to ensure that no one takes any interest whatsoever in our Presidential campaign or our issues, so that name-recognition will carry the day. The Democratic Party cuts off one Presidential candidate’s access to the most important tool of campaigning, the voter file, not long before the first primary. The Democratic Party quietly repeals the prohibition against accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists.

    God forbid that our voters might choose someone that our party elites might not want – someone who is not as corrupt and feckless as they are.

    Why don’t we just call it what it has become: the UnDemocratic Party.

    If you despise the UnDemocratic Party as much as I do, then contribute $10 or more to our campaign to Beat the Machine:

    And the funniest/saddest thing is that the Party Politburo does it with one excuse and one excuse only: that they are choosing “the strongest candidate for November.”

    Excuse me?

    These are the losers who have taken us from +20 to -8 in the Senate, in just six years.

    These are the losers who have taken us from +83 to -59 in the House, in just six years. Including the biggest wipeout for the Democratic Party in more than 100 years.

    Six years ago, the Democrats controlled 16 state governments (House/Senate/Governor), and the Republicans controlled eight. The party bigwigs – these are the losers who now have left us with control of only seven state governments, while the Republicans control 27. They have taken us from +8 to -20, in just six years.

    Our Party Politburo is so deeply incompetent that they shouldn’t even be choosing lottery ticket numbers, much less candidates. Based on their track record, I wouldn’t even trust them with paper vs. plastic. They would screw up a one-car parade.

    And yet the party bosses want to seize the power – from our voters – to decide whom our candidates should be. Their motto is simple: “the voters be damned.” Or as Joni Mitchell once put it, “don’t interrupt the sorrow.”

    Chip in $10 or more now to help me fight back against the incompetent, corrupt Democratic Establishment:

    DONATE: $10

    DONATE: $25

    DONATE: $50

    DONATE: $100

    DONATE: $250

    They can’t win elections. They can’t improve the lives of ordinary people. And now they are polluting political discourse with their Candide-like nonsense that this is the best of all possible worlds, that change is just . . . too . . . hard, so forget about it.

    My God, even when you’ve got nothing, when you’ve lost your job, lost your family, lost your home, lost your car, lost your health, you can still have hope. Hope for a better world.

    And now the party bosses are trying to take that away from us, too. Here is their message: No hope. No change. No hope for change. Just shut up, while the party czars leech out anything resembling aspiration from politics.

    If you are sick and tired of the Democratic Establishment draining life and hope out of politics, then make a contribution to my campaign today.

    The party poohbahs have been going nuts trying to prop up my bought-and-paid-for Democratic primary opponent, even though – get this – he was a lifelong Republican until the month that he ran for Congress, and he “maxed out” to . . . Mitt Romney! Why? Because my opponent’s rich daddy, also a lifelong Republican, has given $1,500,000+ to the Democratic party and its bought-and-paid-for corporate candidates – not to mention Super PACs.

    And also because I embody the simple desire to make life better that they so despise.

    Chip in $10 or more now to help me fight back against the Democratic Establishment’s vicious attacks and slander:

    I’m not the only one. The Democratic Establishment has been bought out by big multinational corporations, big donors and Big Money. And because of that, they have sunk so low as to attack those of us, me and other progressive champions, who have consistently stood by the party’s platform, so that they can elect more useless sellouts like themselves.

    Our Party Politburo. As FDR said, “They are unanimous in their hate for me – and I welcome their hatred.”

    If you are sick and tired of the Democratic establishment attacking real progressives like myself, then make a contribution to my campaign today.

    What’s at stake? Justice, equality, compassion and peace. Your future, my future, and our children’s future.

    Actors sometimes ask directors, “what’s my motivation?” Well, there it is. That’s your motivation.

    Courage — now and forever,

    Alan Grayson

    “It was a dark, dark night of the collective soul.”

    – Don Henley, “In the Garden of Allah” (1995).


  4. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) didn’t sugarcoat things Sunday morning when discussing the results of Saturday night’s Democratic primary in South Carolina, where Hillary Clinton defeated him by a margin of 73 percent to 26 percent.

    “We got decimated,” he said on ABC’s This Week. “We got decimated. The only positive thing for us is we won … the 29 years of age and younger vote. And that was good. But we got killed.”

    Sanders attempted to spin his loss during an appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation” by pointing to the Clintons’ history in the state.

    “Remember, this is their fourth campaign in South Carolina,” he said. “Two for Bill Clinton, two for Hillary Clinton. They had it well organized, they did well and I congratulate them. We came into that state at something like 7 percent, 8 percent in the polls.”


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