Dutch Pegida fuehrer arrested for nazi banner

German cartoon on Pegida

This cartoon from Germany shows the racist Pegida organisation as a nazi skinhead (aka ‘bonehead‘), with nazi SS and swastika tattoos and a baseball bat for attacking people. The Pegida nazi uses a female and a male sock puppet. The female sock puppet claims: ‘I don’t really hate foreigners, but …’. The male sock puppet claims: ‘I really am not a nazi, but …’.

Dutch NOS TV reports that during a demonstration in Amsterdam today by the originally German Islamophobic anti-refugee organisation Pegida, police have arrested the leader of the Dutch Pegida branch, Edwin Wagensveld. Police did that because Edwin Wagensveld carried a nazi swastika banner (illegal in the Netherlands) and refused to hide it from public sight.

4 thoughts on “Dutch Pegida fuehrer arrested for nazi banner

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