United States #BlackLivesMatter interview on Hillary Clinton

This video from the USA says about itself:

#WhichHillary? #BlackLivesMatter Activist Demands Apology from Clinton for “Superpredator” Comments

26 February 2016

Ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic primary, a Black Lives Matter activist interrupted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday during a private fundraiser in Charleston. Ashley Williams held a banner reading, “We have to bring them to heel,” a reference to controversial statements Clinton made in 1996 about some youth, whom she called “superpredators.” Williams then confronted Clinton, saying, “I am not a superpredator.” Williams joins us to discuss why she was compelled to act. “She’s had 20 years to answer these questions” but has yet to do so, Williams notes.

Police officials from around the country have denounced multiplatinum American pop superstar Beyoncé Knowles following the release of a music video in which the singer apparently endorses the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, a protest organization connected with opposition to endemic police violence in the US: here.

26 thoughts on “United States #BlackLivesMatter interview on Hillary Clinton

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