Islamophobia, warmongering help ISIS

This animated satiric cartoon video by Mark Fiore in the USA says about itself:

Keep Calm and Panic On

24 February 2016

The terrible attacks in Paris have been met with widespread condemnation and horror, but they’ve also been met with overreaction and panic. Let’s take a few breaths and realize that ISIS is not about to take over the world. Sure, they’re doing abhorrent things and are ruthless villains, but as evil as they are, they are small in number— which is why they have to resort to terror attacks.

7 thoughts on “Islamophobia, warmongering help ISIS

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  4. Thursday 7th April 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    CAMPAIGNERS poured scorn yesterday on the “surreal” claim from a British general that Western war machine Nato could help “prevent extremism.”

    General Sir Adrian Bradshaw lavished praise on the Jordanian monarchy’s apparent efforts to train imams in the “tolerant, traditional form of Islam” and said the US-led military alliance could help “draw attention” to countries which would benefit from similar programmes.

    But Stop the War Coalition national officer Chris Nineham said the idea Nato could “play a counter-extremism role is frankly surreal.

    “The military interventions it and member countries have organised over the last 15 years have caused carnage and chaos in the Middle East and central Asia, helping to create the conditions that have allowed the spread of terrorism — including profound bitterness against the West.”

    The US-British invasion of Iraq sparked a long civil war and a surge in the influence of the al-Qaida terror group, as well as the foundation of Isis.


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