8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders campaign reacts to close vote in Nevada, USA

  1. The final results are in from Nevada and it looks like we’re going to leave another state with roughly the same number of delegates as Hillary Clinton, maybe down just a few.

    I want to be completely clear with you about what this result means: Nevada was supposed to be a state “tailor made” for the Clinton campaign, and a place she once led by almost 40 points. But today, we sent a message that will stun the political and financial establishment of this country: our campaign can win anywhere.

    There are 26 primaries and caucuses in the next month, and three straight positive results for our campaign are sure to prompt an over-the-top response from the millionaires and billionaires who are funding our opponent and her many super PACs.

    We have to be prepared for their best shot, because it’s coming:

    Make a $3 contribution to our campaign tonight and we are going to win this Democratic primary, the White House, and take our country back from the billionaire class.

    We’re closing the gap dramatically in states that have yet to vote, and there’s a path to victory for our political revolution. If we continue to stand together, we’ll continue to win.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


  2. Tuesday 23rd February 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    DEMOCRATIC socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is in no mood to concede the field to establishment favourite Hillary Clinton after her victory in the Democratic Party’s Nevada caucuses at the weekend.

    Her six-point lead in Nevada is likely to give her 20 of the state’s 35 delegates, which leaves both candidates with about 50 pledged candidates so far.

    Ms Clinton has the edge with so-called superdelegates — party officials able to support any candidate regardless of primary or caucus outcomes. She has captured the support of 451 superdelegates compared with Mr Sanders’s 19.

    However, superdelegates can switch their votes dependent on changed situations.

    This illustrates the importance of this weekend’s South Carolina primary and, more especially, the March 1 Super Tuesday contests where Mr Sanders believes he has a “good shot” of doing well in Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

    The Vermont senator acknowledged that his insurgent campaign has made strides, but, “at the end of the day … you need delegates.”

    Ms Clinton gave evidence of some self-doubt on Sunday, telling CNN: “I think there’s an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people’s minds and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself?

    “I think that is a question that people are trying to sort through.”

    More than half the 2,383 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination will be determined in the 28 states that hold primaries and caucuses in March.

    Big contests in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio take place on March 15.



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