United States air force kills terrorists … oops, Serbian diplomats in Libya

This 10 November 2015 video is called Serbia intends to close its embassy [in Libya] after abduction of diplomatic mission employees.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In a US airstrike in Libya two Serbian diplomats were killed, said Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic. The two were kidnapped in November by ISIS fighters.

The bodies have not been identified yet, but the minister said that it is certain that they are these two.

… More than forty people were killed in that air raid.

How many more of these over forty dead people killed in that air raid will turn out to be not ISIS terrorists, but what military speech cynically calls ‘collateral damage‘, civilians? Or will we never get to know that?

8 thoughts on “United States air force kills terrorists … oops, Serbian diplomats in Libya

  1. British Peace Assembly (BPA) co-ordinator Liz Payne condemned the bombing.

    “This represents an expansion of the militarisation of the region. The current lawlessness in Libya is a direct result of the action of the US and its allies and the vacuum created by the removal of the elected government of Libya in 2011,” she said.

    Ms Payne said the BPA reiterated that the international community must act through the UN to defeat terrorism and do everything possible to bring peace to north Africa and the Middle East.

    “Unilateral military actions have no place in the process and Britain must do nothing to aid or abet them.”

    Stop the War Coalition spokesman Chris Nineham called for an immediate end to attacks on Libya.

    “The last assault on Libya in 2011 left 40,000 dead and a failed state which fast became a haven for terrorists,” he added.

    And anti-nuclear arms campaigners CND chair Kate Hudson said: “Repeating the same failed policy and expecting a different outcome is sheer folly and the US’s current action in Libya is to be deplored.”

    Libya, once the most prosperous nation in Africa, has descended into chaos since Gadaffi was overthrown by Nato-backed rebels.

    Since then Libya has been divided between the Western-backed government Council of Deputies in the eastern city of Tobruk and the New General National Congress in the capital Tripoli.

    Negotiations in Tunisia towards a unity government have repeatedly stalled.



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