Xenophobic politician Wilders’ spokesman a fraudulent drunk drug addict

Michael Heemels at a Limburg provincial authority meeting

In December last year, a former member of the European parliament for the xenophobic PVV party of Geert Wilders was convicted for paedophilia.

Today, there is news about Michael Heemels, the national PVV spokesman; and, at the level of Geert Wilders‘ native province Limburg, the chairman of the PVV caucus in the provincial authority assembly. Mr Heemels had already been in the news last year for supporting torture by the CIA, and then flip-flopping.

Translated from daily De Limburger today:

Former PVV fraction leader Michael Heemels misappropriated money to pay for his alcohol and drug addiction. He is resigning as the spokesman of Geert Wilders. The confession surprised everyone. Heemels will not get much leniency: the PVV will sue him.

5 thoughts on “Xenophobic politician Wilders’ spokesman a fraudulent drunk drug addict

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