Refugee photos win World Press Photo prizes

Refugees at Hungarian border, photo by Warren Richardson

Today, Dutch NOS TV has a report on the winners of the World Press Photo 2015 contest. Australian Warren Richardson made the overall winning photo, on 28 August last year, 3am at night. It shows refugees trying to get a child under the barbed wire at the Hungarian-Serbian border. Richardson could not use flash photography, as that would alarm Hungarian police. So, he only used moonlight.

Refugees arrive on Lesbos, photo by Sergey Ponomarev

This photo is by Sergey Ponomarev from Russia. It shows a small boat full of refugees arriving on the Greek island Lesbos. Sergey Ponomarev was the winner in the ‘general news’ category.

Girl in refugee camp, photo by Matic Zorman

This photo is by Matic Zorman from Slovenia. It is the winner in the ‘people’ category. It shows a little refugee girl with a poncho on, behind the bars of a refugee camp in Serbia; waiting to be registered.

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