Dragonflies in Bosnia & Herzegovina

This video from the Czech republic is about the damselfly species Coenagrion ornatum.

From BirdLife:

By Shaun Hurrell, Mon, 15/02/2016 – 12:24

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Society for Biological Research and Protection of Nature are living up to their organisation’s name. In a project funded by the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund (CEPF), the Society have first conducted a lot of biological research on freshwater biodiversity, and then are using that data to propose protected sites that are very important for nature in the country. …

“This project aimed to identify the most important freshwater habitats for the conservation of threatened dragonfly, mollusk and fish species in the Neretva catchment, and to ensure sufficient scientific data for their efficient protection and long-term survival,” said Dejan Kulijer from BIO.LOG (the short name for the Society for Biological Research and Protection of Nature).

The team have proposed four new Natura 2000 sites, and three of the sites would represent the first designated for threatened dragonfly species Coenagrion ornatum and Cordulegaster heros in Mediterranean Europe. …

For such a small country, Bosnia & Herzegovina supports a large number of dragonflies – over 50 species in all. These flying predators are fantastic ambassadors for freshwater habitat conservation: beautiful animals that rely on clean water in all stages of their life cycles. …

Having reliable data on threatened species is also a valuable contribution against impending dam threats too. The project also discovered that Neretva Softmouth Trout – an endemic fish species – has a significantly reduced distribution in the Neretva basin due to dam and reservoir construction. …

Top threats for dragonflies in Europe:

1. Dams and water management

2. Domestic and urban pollution

3. Droughts

4. Agricultural pollution

5. Tourism and recreational development

This video is about the emergence of a young female Cordulegaster heros dragonfly.

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