Billionaire destroys Cayman Islands coral reef

This video says about itself:

Snorkeling at the Coral Gardens in Grand Cayman Islands! 01-10-2013

The Coral Gardens are breathtaking and it is an experience like no other. The water is crystal clear with a tinge of blue/green that makes for the best snorkeling experience.

From Reuters news agency:

Billionaire Paul Allen’s yacht destroyed coral in the Caribbean – media

Last updated 14:58, January 29 2016

A massive luxury yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen destroyed most of a protected coral reef during a visit to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean earlier this month, media reported.

An anchor chain from the vessel damaged nearly 1300 square metres, or about 80 per cent, of a reef near two scuba diving sites in the West Bay, the islands’ environment department said, according to the Cayman News Service. …

At 92.42 metres, Allen’s five-deck Tatoosh is the 49th largest yacht in the world, and has twin helicopter landing pads, an observation lounge, and a gymnasium, according to …

CNN reported that Allen could face a maximum fine of roughly US$600,000 ($926,000), not counting civil damages.

The Cayman News Service reported that divers surveyed the damage last week and that the environment department expects to issue its investigative findings next week. …

It also reported that the Cayman government has been unable to collect fines after a number of similar incidents over the last few years.

So, maybe billionaire Paul Allen will not only turn out to be ‘too rich to jail‘. He may also turn out to be too rich to pay a fine. Like other billionaires are too rich to pay taxes.

7 thoughts on “Billionaire destroys Cayman Islands coral reef

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