French people demonstrate for free speech

This video from France says about itself:

France: Thousands protest extending state of emergency in Paris

30 January 2016

Thousands of left-wing activists and members of leftist syndicates and organisations gathered in Paris on Saturday to protest against the proposal of extending of the state of emergency in the city and the concept of ‘deprivation of nationality’ for persons who are assumed to be terrorists by the French government in the future.

Bastien, activist (French): “I am here to protest against the state of emergency and for the deprivation of nationality for bi-national persons (born in France) that has been planned … . That’s important because we saw a lot of things during the state of emergency, some people got house arrest without reason, some rallies were prohibited, some people were arrested just for protesting peacefully. That shocks me.”

The pretext for these anti-democratic measures is the horrible murders in Paris; not by demonstrators, but by a small clique of criminals from France and Brussels. These perpetrators are dead. The state of emergency does not harm these perpetrators. It harms free speech for everyone. It meant police force prevented hundreds of thousands of people from demonstrating against climate change and pollution by corporations like Volkswagen. It meant that the Volkswagen and similar corporate fat cats could lobby politicians in smoke-filled backrooms, without countervailing power of protesters in the streets of Paris. It meant police attacks on pro-refugee demonstrations. It means attacks on workers’ rights, etc.

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