Dutch anti-refugee racists on trial

This 10 October 2015 Dutch TV video is about the anti-refugee violence in Woerden on 9 October 2015.

Dutch NOS TV reports today about the trial of the refugee-hating men who on 9 October 2015 violently attacked the refugee center in Woerden.

In the hall were 148 refugees, including 51 children; mainly from war zones in Syria. The refugee families were extremely shocked, as the firebomb and other incendiary device explosions of the attack brought back traumatic memories from these war zones.

The perpetrators, about 25 masked men, were not from Woerden. Many of them were from Montfoort, members of the group ‘Our Montfoort free from refugees’. Some of them had been convicted for violent crimes before. The Internet messages of that group included stuff like: ‘Kill the Muslims. Dirty unclean whore-like people.’ On the day of the attack on the refugee center, they said that they would take along cobras (meaning not snakes, but illegal, potentially lethal, incendiary devices) and eggs for throwing. And: ‘We will let these typhoid monkeys know that we are the people who will destroy them’. And: ‘If necessary, we will hit a police constable on his eyes so that he won’t see any more’.

According to the NOS report, the lawyer of the accused, Ms Anne-Marie van Ginniken, claimed her clients’ sayings were supposedly ‘not really tasteful’; but these men were not racists, only ‘worried about refugees arriving’.

What next? Will some idiot claim that Adolf Hitler was not really a racist? Wait a moment … there already are at least three such idiots in Germany. One of them dressed up as a Third Reich nazi and violently attacked sleigh riding Afghan war refugees. The second one, Lutz Bachmann, the fuehrer of the racist PEGIDA organisation, dressed up as Fuehrer Adolf himself. The third one, refugee-hating Professor Jörg Baberowski, claimed that ‘Hitler was not cruel’.

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