Unequal Oscars, unequal Hollywood, unequal society

This video says about itself:

Oscar Nominations Are Out And Still So White In 2016

14 January 2016

For the second year in a row, all 20 of the Oscar nominations for acting have gone to white people.

By John Green in Britain:

Why are films still so black and white?

Tuesday 26th January 2016

We should be talking about is how Hollywood misrepresents society as a whole and how unrealistic are the films it makes, says JOHN GREEN

THE recent furore around the all-white Oscars has raised once again the issue of discrimination against black, minority ethnic and female actors in the film world.

It is a terrible indictment of US society that in the 21st century we are still discussing this issue and still need to fight for equality.

This year not a single black or ethnic minority actor has been nominated at the Academy Awards, Hollywood’s own self-advertising razzmatazz.

It led civil rights activist Al Sharpton to comment acerbically: “Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains: the higher up you get, the whiter it gets.”

Snoop Dog is more down to earth: “Fuck that old slavery award bullshit-ass award show.”

But then Charlotte Rampling really stepped in the bullshit by naively suggesting that there perhaps weren’t any good black actors worth nominating this year and that it is “racist to whites” to raise the issue in this way.

It is unfortunate, however, that the whole debate in the media centres on how many black nominations there are and how many are on the Academy board.

This only serves to distract from the central issue.

It is not really about statistics and the ratio between black, ethnic minority and female actors.

What we should be talking about is how Hollywood misrepresents society as a whole and how unrealistic are the films it makes.

If it truly reflected contemporary society, then blacks, women and other groups would be included automatically.

But Hollywood has never been about reflecting society — it is the dream factory in which, on the one hand, a purely fictional reality is projected or, on the other, a fantasy world of wars and destruction.

Veteran Chilean film-maker Alejandro Jodorowsky was recently obliged to literally beg online for cash to help him finish his latest film.

In his passionate statement he said perceptively: “Cinema for us, for real artists, is not an industry, it’s not a business … We need a cinema that heals, not one that makes you ill, not a cinema of destruction; a cinema that talks only of money as if that is the essence of life.”

Directors like Jodorowsky, however talented, are marginalised by the Hollywood steamroller and are given little financial support to make films because, as he puts it, “Hollywood has colonised the whole planet.”

We live in a US-centred world. One that sees life through the lenses of US capitalism and steeped in neoliberal ideology.

In any country of the world, apart from perhaps India or China, you will find it easier to see Hollywood films and very difficult to see home-grown ones. That, too, is where there is a complete lack of diversity.

As a cinema-goer, I am interested in experiencing an uplifting experience, one that informs, entertains and moves me.

I want to see and feel the rich diversity of our world, not one that is whitewashed and sanitised, in which the US is portrayed as a free world materialist utopia.

Nor do I want to see one war movie after another in which macho supermen reach orgasm by murdering their fellow human beings and where women are merely the pretty wallpaper backdrop for their antics.

Let us have diversity, yes, but a real one. But this can only come about by breaking Hollywood’s stranglehold on film production and distribution.

HOW TO COMBAT HOLLYWOOD RACISM, SEXISM Introducing the equity rider and speaking part bump. [HuffPost]

Natalie Portman says Hollywood bosses paid her a third of what her male co-star was earning for the same movie: here.

WOMEN DIRECTORS GET REAL ABOUT SEXISM IN HOLLYWOOD IN ‘HALF THE PICTURE’ But the documentary has yet to be picked up by a distributor. [HuffPost]

Besides the acting categories, four out of five of the Oscar nominees are men.

A MARVEL ACTRESS CHANGED HER CHINESE SURNAME Because in her words, “Hollywood is racist.” [HuffPost]

THAT OSCARS GAFFE? WATCHED BY THE SMALLEST AUDIENCE SINCE 2008 Just 32.9 million viewers tuned in. Here’s how Sammy Davis Jr. handled a similar flub with grace over 50 years ago. And another massive gaffe at the Oscars? The In Memoriam segment featured the photo of a woman who is very much alive. [HuffPost]

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony, held Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, was an even more complex and peculiar affair than usual. At such an event, in a quite striking and almost brutal fashion, genuine artistic talent and personal decency cross paths with banality, cynical commercial interest and triviality: here.

GOOD NEWS: YOU SAW MORE FEMALE PROTAGONISTS IN FILM THIS YEAR 7 percent more to be exact. Yet they still only account for 32 percent of speaking roles. [HuffPost]

The proportion of women working as directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors and cinematographers has essentially not changed in two decades.

7 thoughts on “Unequal Oscars, unequal Hollywood, unequal society

  1. I never watch stuff from Hollywood you have to suspend any integrity you have to watch this endless crap, that is if you have any integrity left? to watch this stuff you have to get into the celluloid culture and get sort of excited as your friends who lap this stuff up or you become alienated which can be OK once you get used to being no longer a fully paid up member of the illusion, having said that pretty much all what you see is a sub section of the Hollywood movie? look at politics and the media? you have to suspend any integrity to believe in it? take the movie of millions of refugees leaving Syria? their is talk of having $1400 and you will have the money confiscated by Danish authorities? and where are they all going as a carve up where to place this migration? no serious talks on the fact that exterior forces should act and terminate the flow rather than the acceptance this migration is business as usual? as will become as the conflict can never be resolved by internal resolution? Syria is just another movie the factions of power enjoy and a macabre movie at that.


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