7 thoughts on “Unequal Oscars, unequal Hollywood, unequal society

  1. I never watch stuff from Hollywood you have to suspend any integrity you have to watch this endless crap, that is if you have any integrity left? to watch this stuff you have to get into the celluloid culture and get sort of excited as your friends who lap this stuff up or you become alienated which can be OK once you get used to being no longer a fully paid up member of the illusion, having said that pretty much all what you see is a sub section of the Hollywood movie? look at politics and the media? you have to suspend any integrity to believe in it? take the movie of millions of refugees leaving Syria? their is talk of having $1400 and you will have the money confiscated by Danish authorities? and where are they all going as a carve up where to place this migration? no serious talks on the fact that exterior forces should act and terminate the flow rather than the acceptance this migration is business as usual? as will become as the conflict can never be resolved by internal resolution? Syria is just another movie the factions of power enjoy and a macabre movie at that.


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