Rare Bush stone-curlews in Canberra, Australia

This video from Australia says about itself:

Bush stone-curlew

25 December 2015

First chick in Canberra in 50 years – 2015 at Mulligans Flat

From the Canberra Times in Australia, 23 January 2015:

So rare and well camouflaged are Bush stone-curlews the best anyone can hope for is to maybe – just maybe – hear one imported into an animal sanctuary, calling at night.

Of 11 curlews brought into Canberra’s Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary last year and released, only five remain. The rest have either been taken by predators, or have left for other woodlands.

So imagine the excitement film footage of a pair of curlews mating has caused throughout Canberra’s conservation community?

The brief coupling has been put to music and posted on YouTube, and has given hope a fragile community of birds not seen in these parts for decades might actually raise a family.

This 21 January 2015 video is about the mating.

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