Refugees, others, skate in the Netherlands

This 30 November 2015 video, in the Frisian language, is about refugees from Syria learning to skate in the indoor ice rink in Leeuwarden. Eg, young Mohamed really liked this sport, as he said.

Refugee's skating lesson in Ede, ANP photo

This photo shows a refugee learning to skate on ice rink De Uithof in The Hague, the Netherlands. All photos in this blog post are ANP photos. As this blog reported earlier, refugees are also welcome at the indoor skating rink in Ede.

Uithof skating lesson

This is an Uithof skating lesson photo.

Refugee falls in The Hague

As this photo shows, these lessons are not easy in the beginning. The photo shows, again, refugees learning to skate on ice rink De Uithof.

Ede refugees

However, after the first problems …

Refugees in Ede

… things go better, as these Ede refugees photos show.

In the last few days, it started to freeze in the Netherlands. In the east of the country. But also in the west, the river Rhine is frozen at some places. This means it is now possible to skate in the open air as well in quite some villages and towns.

This 18 January 2016 video is about the opening of the outdoor ice rink in Bladel in the southern Netherlands.

At 18:30 local time, the first outdoor marathon speed skating race of 2016 in the Netherlands will start on the Haaksbergen ice rink.

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