Racist football hooligans in Dutch The Hague

Riechedly Bazoer

This photo shows Dutch Ajax football club player Riechedly Bazoer. Riechedly Bazoer was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands. His parents came from Curaçao island in the Caribbean.

On 17 January 2016 in The Hague, Ajax played against ADO The Hague.

A minority of ADO The Hague fans are extreme right hooligans. They refer to themselves as ‘north side [bleachers] nazis’. They are anti-Semitic.

Whenever Riechedly Bazoer played the ball during the match, the self-styled nazis made ‘monkey-like’ noises, sang about bananas, and shouted that Mr Bazoer’s mother was supposedly a whore.

The Dutch public prosecution service will investigate whether any of the racists will be prosecuted.

4 thoughts on “Racist football hooligans in Dutch The Hague

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