Let Calais refugee children rejoin their families in Britain

This video says about itself:

Child refugees stranded in French city of Calais

1 January 2016

Hundreds of children are believed to be stranded at a refugee camp in Calais, in northern France.

The British rights group Citizens UK says little is being done to help them.

The group says it believes EU rules are being broken.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Calais, where he met some of the stranded youngsters.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Calais kids hope court lets them join families in Britain

Monday 18th january 2016

FOUR children living in the Calais refugee camp hope to be reunited with their relatives in Britain after a court hearing in London today.

Campaigners supporting the children’s asylum case expect the result to set a legal precedent for children and young people trying to enter Britain.

The trial comes as nearly £6,000 raised to buy Jeremy Corbyn his “dream bike” looked set to instead go into the coffers of charities working with refugees in Calais.

Citizens UK spokesman George Gabriel said the group hoped the hearing of the four refugee children would “be positive.

“That’s the only way to bring order to chaos, stop people risking their lives and put the traffickers out of business.”

One Syrian boy is hoping to join his brother Ahmed, whose name has been changed, in London.

“He is traumatised by his experiences of the war,” said Ahmed.

“I think this partly explains the risky things he has been doing to try and join me here in the UK.

“He says he has seen death with his own eyes and isn’t worried about taking risks anymore.

“My wife and I will be his family, his mother and father, brother and sister. I will make sure he goes to school and is safe.”

According to Calais Migrant Solidarity, at least five people died in the last the last three months attempting to cross the border — two of them teenagers.

Tom Jordan started a crowdfunding bid to raise £475 for a bicycle — and to “annoy the right-wing press” — after newspapers lambasted Mr Corbyn for desiring a mid-priced commuter bike.

But after the Labour leader said he’d prefer the money went to charity, Mr Jordan suggested the cash should go to Calais Action, saying: “I am aware that our Jezza has already displayed support” for the charity.

He said he’d contacted Mr Corbyn’s office to enquire if he had a preference.

Mr Jordan added: “I was recently in Calais and Dunkirk with Calais Action, and the situation particularly in Dunkirk is pretty grim.

“Also, giving aid to refugees abroad is a perfect way to stick it to the right-wing press again, because we all know how compassionately they have treated this humanitarian crisis.”

18 thoughts on “Let Calais refugee children rejoin their families in Britain

  1. 15-year-old Masud suffocated in the back of a truck in a desperate bid to reach his sister in Britain. He had escaped the Taliban, got to Europe, lost his parents, and was on the final leg to reach refuge. Instead he died alone, terrified.

    If the UK had opened their doors to this child seeking safe haven, and upheld the law, this tragedy would never have happened. Authorities estimate over 7,000 unaccompanied children like Masud fleeing conflict right now in Europe! Without support they are forced to scale barbed wire fences to freedom, or fall in with traffickers. But we can help them.

    Avaaz has teamed up with refugee experts who are bringing a legal case demanding the UK government allow two children to reunite with their family in Britain. If we win it will set a precedent in the courts, and roll out actions across the EU to support these kids with legal assistance, shelter, and psychosocial care, then help them join family members.

    In a civilised, humane world, no child would face this terror. Let’s try and build that world today. Chip in to back this groundbreaking legal case and launch a plan to stop tragedies like Masud’s.


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